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Mission 11 - The Halo | Campaign Halo Wars 2 Guide

Main Objectives: Defend the UNCS base. Take over and defend the control tower.

Optional Objectives:

  • Defend the Bravo base.
  • Join the scattered UNCS forces (3 groups).
  • Destroy the Banished base.
  • Take control over all the 3 positions.


  • Don't let the enemy gather more than 700 tickets.
  • Don't let the Guardian kill more than 5 units (max. 5).
  • Kill 10 troops with the Vulture ability (10 units).

Another challenging mission. Once again you will have to take control over 3 positions. In order to win, you will need to collect 3000 tickets first. At the beginning of the mission, you will have to survive the enemy attack and face against a powerful Guardian. It will move above the battlefield between three spots. Furthermore, the enemy will also try to take over these locations. Its army will come from three sources: transporters from outside of the map, Grunts produced in 2 mini bases and the main base, not far from point A. The last source should be eliminated first.

Use all your troops to take over the enemy base as soon as possible. - Mission 11 - The Halo | Campaign - Campaign - Halo Wars 2 Game Guide
Use all your troops to take over the enemy base as soon as possible.

Use the Spartans to take over heavy tanks or Blisterback, and after collecting a large army, attack the enemy base. The base is full of infantry units, protected by turrets and it has its own shield. However, if you manage to destroy it, and build your own base, enemy attacks will no longer be so dangerous. Try to defend the Bravo base - this will grant you access to a fully upgraded facility, located near position B. You can use special abilities to benefit your army. Create two, strong groups that will move between locations, and run when the Guardian is nearby. Take care of mini bases when possible (the first one is not far from point C, while the other one is located behind the Bravo base). Even a single squad of Grunts can take over a position if you are not careful enough.

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