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Mission 8 - Hold the Line | Campaign Halo Wars 2 Guide

Main Objectives: Protect the molecular cannon.

Optional objectives:

  • Prevent barricades from being destroyed (not even one can be destroyed)
  • Build bases in all the available spots (3).


  • Kill 5 units by airdropping turrets.

It's probably the most difficult mission in the campaign. There will be 3 routes that the enemy will use to reach the molecular cannon. Along these paths, there will be several places where you can build turrets. Upgrade them as quickly as possible to gain additional advantage. There are barricades near your base and they will hold off the enemy for some time. Try to finish off your enemies before they actually reach them. Remember that it is not possible to repair them.

Use narrow paths to block enemy forces. Support your troops with flying units. - Mission 8 - Hold the Line | Campaign - Campaign - Halo Wars 2 Game Guide
Use narrow paths to block enemy forces. Support your troops with flying units.

The longest path to the left is the easiest one to control. The enemy will send infantry for the majority of time. The path in the middle will be attacked by infantry and heavy vehicles. It's best to position turrets in the middle passage first. Build some anti-personnel and anti-tank turrets there. Once this is done, fill out all other positions. You won't have to worry about flying units for the majority of time. The right side will be the hardest one to defend. The Banished will send three types of troops: lightweight vehicles, Hornet artillery and heavy infantry or both groups at once. Additional turrets can only be placed near the barricades. You should place some mines here (whenever they are available) and keep your troops between entrance and the middle elevation. If needed, call additional turrets, artillery fire or elite infantry ODST from the orbit. You may also use the narrow passage and put infantry to block the enemy.

There are several warehouses on the map and three locations where you can build a mini base. The first one is not far from the molecular cannon, the second one is located on the middle elevation, and the last one in the north part of the map. When it comes to specific units you should use, start by building Warthogs, Cyclops, 2-3 Nightingales and 3-5 Locust. Later on, you should focus on Scorpion instead of heavy infantry, and as soon as air strikes begin, build 4-5 Wolverines (keep them in your base or by the left barricade). Upgrade your troops (in buildings devoted to production) and turrets, and increase population (in both available labs). Furthermore, build the far-reaching cannon in your base to improve your situation.

What and when will attack you?

The scenario will be the same for every gameplay. During the mission, the enemy will send the following waves of troops:

  • 28 minutes: the first wave of infantry will come from the left. Make sure to build turrets along the way. Starting upgrading those that are located on the middle elevation. Eliminate all the opponents and you will have a moment to rest.
  • 24 minutes: The banished will send infantry through the middle entrance.
  • 22 minutes: Infantry and vehicles will attack from the left and the middle path.
  • 20 minutes: Fast vehicles will come from the right entrance. If you don't react quickly enough, they may damage your barricades a lot.
  • 16 minutes: Infantry and suicide Grunts will strike (both entrances to the north). You should pay attention to not so frequent attacks from the right side - these will be lightweight vehicles and Locust, which will also head for your base.
  • 11 minutes: More infantry will use the middle passage. You should start building Wolverines/Marines and build anti-aircraft cannons in your base. If the barricade on the left is doing fine, upgrade/change one of the guns near it, to an anti-aircraft version.
The moment hostile flying units appear, you base will be constantly under attack. - Mission 8 - Hold the Line | Campaign - Campaign - Halo Wars 2 Game Guide
The moment hostile flying units appear, you base will be constantly under attack.
  • 9 minutes: Flying units will appear above the inactive bridge, between the right and the middle entrance. The wave will consist of 4-8 flying units. The will constantly attack you, until the mission is over. First they will head for the base, then towards the cannon. A group of 4-5 Wolverines and a couple of anti-air turrets should be enough to handle them till the last minutes.
  • 7 minutes: The Banished will attack from all the available sides till the mission ends. They will constantly send infantry, artillery and heavy vehicles. Keep the majority of your troops by the middle elevation. If a barricade on one of the paths gets destroyed, put your troops in front of the cannon, and rebuild the rest of the turrets.

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