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Indian Hunter

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Michal "Wolfen" Basta & Krzysztof "ComCo" Bartnik

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Missions from Indian hunter located near the Piper lake. You'll need to hunt a few animals. To do that, approach your 'target' carefully (don't frighten them away) and shoot precisely in the animal's head.

1. Gray Wolf - near the bridge in Dodge.

2. White Buffalo - near the ranch on the south of the map.

3. White Wolf - near Piper lake.

4. Mountain Lion - mountains near the Indian hunter, who gives these tasks.

5. Great Wolf - in the map's centre.

6. Grizzly - near Empire.

prev page Indian Hunter (26/26)

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aliraza27 06/01/2012 14:02

plz plz i like this game but i have a prob i have no cutscene ..............................plz send cutscene to me plz .....................................................................................................................................................requst to u ...........................i love this game

aliraza27 06/01/2012 14:00

plz guys i have a prob in this game that i have not cutscene audio .......................................................plz send me the cutscene file i will thnk ful tu u plz plz hambly requst ???????????????????????

Flameo120 15/10/2009 20:07

Just shoots all of them in quick draw with ur pistols and if u aint got quick shoot it couple of times then quick draw

bboy 25/05/2008 18:29

hey guys, need a lil help. I can't pass the cougar hunt. I kill two but it doesnt move me to the next mission. Am I going to the wrong place or do I have to do something special? Let me know.

gunslinger70 30/03/2008 07:25

if you go down the bridge in dodge by the transport you can find gold, ammo, and unlimited wiskey bottles!!! by the way has anyone found all of the gold mounds ive found 43 and i cant find the last one( if you go to the ressistance hide out and go in the water fall you will find a piece of gold).

presstration 20/12/2007 04:10

when you go talk to the indian hunter and he says go hunt the black lion follow these dirictions to it when facing the indian hunter go right just passed margoters mine the should be a pass way to the right just beyond there is the black lion (if you are on a horse get off or you well spook it) if you need any more help contact me no xbox live my user is master andrew01 or highflypimp

crackey 20/11/2007 04:38

i know where theres unlimited whiskey you go under the bridge.ok you head from dodge but u go down the ramp on the bridge and go across and when u get to the bottom of the other side go behind to the left and keep going and there will be a pool with unlimited whiskey

crackey 20/11/2007 04:35

im talkin about the black wolf

crackey 20/11/2007 04:33

can some1 plz gice me more specific details intstead of "the maps centere" and i will tell u antthing u want on how to beat the game or anything just plz tell me

crackey 19/11/2007 23:19

finaly i killed the fat ass white buffalo

crackey 19/11/2007 22:34

how the hell do i kill the great white bufflo ive even tried killing it with the nock gun and i cant even kill it!

A1r J()7D@n 10/09/2007 02:30

Does any1 no if they can find a place with alot of whiskey bottles or unlimited??? comment me back if u no wer they are if it is possible that ther is a place with more whiskey bottles. any way I am new so just sai hi if u want.LOLZ!

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texasboy17 18/07/2007 20:01

Where is the Great mountin loin?he is not on the mountin near the hunter.....

Masterhunter 31/03/2007 11:35

where the hell is the mountain lion

Clodhopper 23/03/2007 23:43

Whats up with this friggin' wolf! I shoot 'em in the eyeball with my rifle and he runs away. I shoot him in the eyeball with my bow and he vanishes. What the crap?!

deathrow 11/02/2007 12:31

you dont have ot use arrows to kill the gray wolf you cn use your raffel get really close and shoot @ its head AND BLOW ITS BRAINS OUT! dose anyone no where to find the dtnamite gun ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Rookie Hunter 11/02/2007 02:03

Dude im having trouble with the gray wolf! I use arrows but it just doesnt die!

abc 10/02/2007 20:37

i love gun its gggggreat

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