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Wizard's Folly, Foible's Fair (Town)

Pre-Searing Ascalon - Guild Wars Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Tomasz "Sznur" Pyziol

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Wizard's Folly (Pre-Searing)
Wizard's Folly (Pre-Searing)

Foible's Fair

This tiny bazaar lies just north of Wizard's Folly along the road to Ashford Abbey. From the shelter of its colorful tents, traders hawk their wares, trainers offer lessons, and travelers swap tales of their adventures.

Ralena Stormbringer (Elementalist Trainer - Air Magic Expert)

Primary Quest: The Supremacy of Air. Kill the Tower Golem near the big tower. Return to the Elementalist Azure for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, sills: Blinding Flash, Lightning Javelin.

Vassar (Mesmer Trainer - Domination Expert)

Mesmer Quest: Domination Magic. Head east from Foible's Fair to the woods. Destroy the skale brood. Return to Vassar for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Backfire, Shatter Delusions.

Laren (Merchant)

Wizard's Folly

01 Resurrection Shrine

Savich (Collector)

3 Icy Lodestones: Bone Staff (Energy +3, Cold Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed), Battle Axe (Slashing Dmg: 4-8), Ascalon Bow (Piercing Dmg: 7-10, Two-handed)

02 Mountain Pass

Elementalist Aziure (Elementalist Trainer)

Elementalist Quest: The Elementalist Experiment. Use your Fire Storm spell to defeat the ice beasts that attack Aziure. Return to Elementalist Aziure for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Fire Storm, Aura of Restoration, Glyph of Lesser Energy.

03 Road to Green Hills County

Orion Elek (for Quest: The Wayward Wizard)

04 Fishing Village

Arnaud (Merchant)

Mindle (Collector)

3 Enchanted Lodestones: Cane (Chaos Dmg:2-4), Grim Cesta (Energy +3), War Hammer (Blunt Dmg: 6-9, Two-handed), Ascalon Bow (Piercing Dmg:7-10, Two-handed).

05 Eastern Dock

Aidan (Ranger Trainer - Wilderness Survival Expart)

Ranger Primary Quest: Unnatural Growths. Go to the falls to the west. Destroy the alloe husks until you find an aloe root. Take the aloe root back to Aidan. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Ignite Arrows, Dual Shot.

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