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The Way of the Water Mage

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Andrzej "Rylak" Rylski

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The Way of the Water Mage

(submitted by Wolfspirit)

The objective here is to get 85 Ancient Knowledge (AK) before gaining level 3 so we can get Learn Quickly and an extra point from lvl 3 onwards. Getting this amount of AK allows the player to invest in other areas as well to make an all round character earlier.


Starting after the fight in Ardea (make sure you kill the Boss so you can get a World Map for free and then loot everything, you are going to need the cash) - get the teleport stone and read the book above the warehouse for +5 Ancient Knowledge. Speak to your compatriots and then get Gorn to take you to Reddock, but don't talk to any of the Rebels as we want to stay at level 2.

Cape Dun

Now run to Cape Dun and SAVE the game in front of Deckard the Quartermaster(QM). An NPC trader's inventory is created when you first open it, not at the start of the game, hence why you can reload for different things to buy. Don't talk to anyone else, speak to the QM and open his trade, if you're lucky you will get 2 +5 stones or only 1 stone, but you can also get none. At this point it's up to you if you want to play the game as it's dealt to you, or reload to get the stones - this could take a few goes. Get the teleport stone for Cape Dun by sneaking Urkrass' warehouse, don't touch the Golden Goblets, just get the stone for now.


Now teleport back to Ardea, then start running to Montera. Only use sprint when you get attacked by boars as they can kill you in a couple of hits if you're unlucky. When you get to Domenik's farm, go right past the bandits as it is a lot quicker, when you start to hear them shouting at you, just hit sprint and out run them all. Run up the south entrance of Montera past the slave camp guards and got the teleporter stone from the chest in the shack with the frightened slave in it.
Now exit via the west gate which is very near to the shack and turn left and run down the path to the group of rebels. A bit further down the path are the remains of Bazir's caravan, get his casket, be very careful of a boar, but don't go back to him with it yet as he will make you lvl 3 in order to trade with him.


Continue down the path to Trelis, enter Trelis via the entrance where Thorus is standing, if you arrive at night is the one nearest the Beliar alter (the teleporter stone is in a chest nect to the Beliar alter - get it). If you go in the other entrance, you get forced into a conversation about potions which could end up making you lvl 3 by Pranck the Orc. After entering at Thorus' gate, stay close to the right hand wall and enter the empty alchemist's room and read the books for another +5 AK. Exit Trelis the way you came in.


After exiting Trelis, turn right and run up the path to Geldern (the teleporter stone is on a stone near a chest - look to the left just as you clear the tree line on the path to Geldern . Go into the slave quarter and find Hamil the audacious artifact trader among the slaves. SAVE the game before speaking to him as he can start with either 2, 1 or no stones, up to you if you want to reload as before. Next speak to Jared the artefact trader, but save the game again if you want to make sure of 2 stones. You can also get +15 AK from the Geldern arena fights, but you will also be lvl 5 at the end of them, so we come back to that.


Go out the other gate and run to Silden, don't even think about getting the Weathered Stone for +10 AK from the northern mine, Even if you manage to pick up the stone with 4 minecrawlers attaking you, the 2 crawlers in the first bit of the mine will block your way out and kill you - trust me, I tried it!! Get the teleporter stone from the standing stones ring just outside Silden. Find Temmy the fisher in Silden, again, save before you talk to him as you can get 2, 1 or no stones.

The Monastery

If you have managed to get +25 AK from the 5 NPC (including Ilya in Mora Sul) then you don't need to go to the Monastery yet. If you do decide you want to go, then this is how:
Go to the first group of rebels where the Tired Rebel is located. Then carry on through the second group and onto the third where you take the right turn up the wooden bridge. Don't go over the bridge, instead carry on straight up the leafy brown hill. Carry on and when you see a metal chest, look to your left for another path through the trees, take this and follow the pillars of stone. Eventually you will come to a path, drop down into it. If you're on the right track, you will soon go past a metal chest, a wooden chest and a broken barrel.
As you come to the top of the path you will see the snow bound mountains of Nordmar - stop there. There will be a healing plant in front of you and two trees to the immediate left of the healing plant. Go through the trees and up the granite path. Now you have to do some jump sliding to get up to the snow covered mountains above you. Keep right as much as you can to the edge of the mountains. After a bit of working your way around, you will see a gap in the mountains with some snow covered trees in it - head for them. When you get to the trees, turn left through some brambles. When you get to the top of the next ridge, you will see the Monastery.
Drop down to the ridge below you where a lot of brambles are, work your way around to the right being careful not to fall directly into the courtyard - you might want to SAVE before you do this just in case. Get to a position so you can drop down using the shrine if Innos in the corner, using each level of the shrine so you take no damage.
Once in the courtyard, again, try not to speak to anyone, but if you get to close to one of the mages, he may auto start a conversation, I'm pretty sure you don't get any XP from it though. Go into the library, equip your torch and make you way down to the bottom via the twisting staircase etc. Use the three lecterns' in the main room, one will give +5 AK and open the chest to get the teleporter stone - you need some lock picks for this chest. I would suggest you don't go through the archway to use the book called 'The Chronicles of Dominance' in the small room as this will advance a quest to near its end that you get much earlier in the game and possibly ruin the storyline for that quest, although I didn't test that. If you do use the book, your only option will then be to teleport out as the summoned demon and skeletons will kill you if you exit the small room.
Whether you use 'The Chronicles of Dominance' or not, you now need to teleport to Cape Dun.
Go down the path to the beach and run past the white lurkers, jump in the water and swim up the coast until you get to the huge waterfall. Now turn left and swim across the channel to Lago.


Get the teleporter stone from the compost heap near Rasula. Do nothing else here.
Now run to ben Erai and get the teleporter stone from in front of the mines.
Now run to Braga and use the Lecturn in Nafalem's quarters on the GROUND floor for +5 AK, don't go upstairs unless you want to get attacked. You cannot get the teleporter stone at Braga yet because to get it you have to win a duel with Bernado, if you take this duel you will get 1000 XP and become lvl 3.
Teleport back to Lago and now run to Ben Sala - just get the teleport stone in the village.
Now run towards Mora Sul, aim for the Orc tents to start with. You will see Lester digging, if he is taking a break at the tents wait for him to start digging again and then talk to him. He will give you two +5 stones, but whatever you do, DO NOT get the key from him that he offers you, that will give you 2000 XP. Drop down into the excavation where the slaves are digging and you will find a stone pillar in one of the rooms that will give you another +5 AK.
Now follow the sunken path which starts where Lester is digging past the temple until you come to a large raised platform. You will see some nomads and a Water Mage called Saturas, bear to the right and you will see another tent and the water mage Myxir. Talk to him and he will give you two +5 stones.
Now run into Mora Sul, get the teleporter stone which is near the bounty hunter Bandaro. Go to Ilya the merchant and save the game. He can give you 2, 1 or no stones. Also, as you will have around 5000 gold, you will need more, so talk to Hector the Innkeeper and borrow 1,000 gold from him. You get 2000 XP when you give him 1,400 gold back within 5 days.
Now run to the field of ruins and the Temple of Mora Sul. Again, find the orc tents and drop down into the excavation and use a stone pillar in one of the rooms for +5 AK.
Go back to the north the way you came so you are between the fields of ruins and Mora Sul. Now run in a north westerly direction. After a bit, you will see the Murat's oasis, stay south of it, you will now see a rocky ledge in the desert, run just south of it and as you go past the end of the outcrop, head almost due north and you will see the cave of Mendarion. He will give you a two +5 stones.
Now you should have at least 85 Ancient Knowledge, with the 20 learning points you already have, thats 100 AK and a spare 5 points for Learn Quickly which will cost you 5,000 gold. You can learn this from Mendarion.
Summary of AK available without gaining enough XP to make you level 3 :
There are 60 points of AK guaranteed at:
Ardea +5
Trelis +5
Monastery +5
Braga +5
Al Shedim Temple Stone Pillar +5
Lester +10
Myxir +10
Mora Sul Temple Stone Pillar +5
Mendarion +10
There are 50 points of non guaranteed AK at:
Cape Dun - Deckard +10
Geldern - Hamil +10, Jared +10
Mora Sul - Ilya +10
Silden - Temmy +10
The important thing to note here is that you have to be incredibly lucky to get all 5 vendors with 2 stones on each, either that of you have to be very patient while you load the game a lot of times. Having said that, it's easier to get one stone from each vendor. It may only take 1 or 2 reloads for them to have one stone in their inventory and when you think about it, that's all you need as it will give you +25 AK. Add the guaranteed 60 and you have your target.
Once you have trained Learn Quickly, you now have to decide whether you want to make the game incredibly easy or a reasonable challenge. If you go for 250 AK and get mana regeneration, with around 250 mana even the huge orc camp on the east side of Nordmar becomes a walk in the park. Alternatively, you can still raise AK to 250 to give your spells some serious punch, but not take mana regeneration which means you have to increase your mana quite a lot and leg it when you want to drink a mana potion or you could even melee of course like a proper Battle Mage. You still need to buy Ice Lance and Highest Water Mage skill for extra damage.
You can now go back to Basir in Montana and he can give three +5 stones when you return his casket. Do the arena fights in Geldern for another 15 AK. Once you at level 15 which can be easily obtained by doing the fetch and carry missions in Montana and Sildern, you can get 250 AK and decide on mana regeneration.
You are now ready to teleport back to Ardea to start the game as a Water Mage.
Have fun with it if you decide to use it.

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Comments and responses

luminous7 16/02/2013 17:58

hello guys.this is actually my first post here and i would like to express my graditude to this amazing community which helped me in many ways to expierence the depth and awesomemess of the masterpiece that is the gothic series.Enough flattery now to the point:i believe that this guide although useful and detailed has ONE great doesnt state clearly from all this early to acquire the necessary AK for learning faster at lvl 2.ti is rly hard and lets face it boring to run around in order to gather all these stone tablets in oder to save 5-6 lps through quick learning.Its simply not worth it.instead u can get get up to lvl 5-6 pay a visit to all the key places in myrtana in order to gather enough AK to reach the desired AK.the lps u get from lvls u can invest in AK.These lps are not wasted beacuse ur gonna invest lps in ak later anyway.So saying that u have to stay lvl 2 to play effectively as mage and get through 5-6 hours of frustration is a necessity is far from true.whats the differencve in the end of the game between 395 and 400 mana?none this is a great guy to show how u can aquire maximum Ak(through reloarding and etc) but a real pain to follow especially for the new players.if u have hte patience adn the hjardcore mentality maybe u can try it in ur 3rd or 4th playtrhough.Cheers!

High Priestess 14/12/2011 00:47

WOW I actually got 5 stones form Ilja and it took maybe 10 minutes of reloading :) (most I got before that was 2) And I don't know who wrote it but Basir doesn't give you 3 stones for completing his quest, but you may buy some in his inventory, maybe it will take some reloads to get more than two too :) Also I'm beginning to think that every named merchant may sell you ancient stones, so it might be smart to keep saving before talking to them and reloading for a maximum AK profit.

High Priestess 13/12/2011 18:51

Hi all, I love G3 and recently have decided to come back and play it again (like a 1000th time) :) Thanx to your idea in here - the way of the water mage, I have decided to go that route, and was surprised to see that you can really get more than 2 stones and above mentioned merchants (the most I got was 4) - which turned out to be helpful cause as soon as I came in the vicinity of the Al Shedim I got the 1000 XP for discovering it (and I've tried and tried to enter it from different angles - still you get advanced to the 3-rd level). So now I am in Mora Sul and before speaking to Ilja and Merdarion (and even before going to Monastery) I already have the 85 AK (getting more than 2 stones form merchants helped but also what I did was I went from Ben Sala to Bakaresh (do get there by land - not by sea, cause you will get the 500 XP for entering Varant) - there is one big stone tablet in the ruins - watch out for the jackal though, wait for him to move away far enough), another thing is by the Mora Sul temple you can get 10 AK (read the big stone tablet in one tunnel and find a small tablet in another). If I'd get 3 or more stones form Ilja and then those 10 from Merdarion I will not need to use any LP to increase AK :) A small tip for you all - that I discovered a while ago (playing the game maybe for the 5-th time) is how to get gold quickly - and a lot of it. Right after liberating Ardea go and attack Gorn, take his axe, drink water to refuel on health (if you lost any) - use the water barrel that is further away so that when you come back he will carry another axe, attack him again and repeat walking away far enough and attacking him. You get the most I believe 200XP for the first attack, but every next one no XP and always one axe, which is worth 10,500 gold pieces. If you get enough of them you can even trade them for a loss (trader will give you all the gold he has and you can actually buy out his whole inventory - or parts of it - to make the trade more profitable). I thinking getting like 10 of them will ensure that you will have enough gold though out the whole game :) Thanx Mongo for keeping up with all of the updates and for all of the tips - as I will play along again I will try to post more things that I have discovered. Oh one thing that is on my mind right now is about the graves (scull and crossbones) - it is a good news and bad news thingy. Bad news - Once you dig them out and reload without saving and try to dig them again they will not give you anything :( so save the game every time after you dig at the graves. Good news - If you come back exactly 24 hours or more later (don't try digging before cause I believe the wait time will be extended by another 24 hours from the last dig - but I am not 100% sure about that one - just be patient) you can get a new treasure (which often contains a lot of magic ore), so if you are up for it keep coming back to the grave sites and keep digging, all the ore will be very helpful in Nordmar :) spoiler startTo get a map of all the graves type in the google search gothic 3 interactive map and download that tool, I didn't post the link cause I don't have the right for it, but it is a very helpful tool - thanx to it I've found White Shadowbeast and killed it together with Bogir (without having to follow him which is very boring)spoiler stop Now I'm going back to reload Ilja to get more than 2 stones from him :)

Mongo1 20/09/2011 20:43

A lot of things are randomized probabilities so if you save right before opening a chest or dealing with an NPC, then you can reload, if you are not satisfied with the results. It also pays to save right before a tough battle, cause a lot of the battle sequence is randomized Probabilities too.

dexum 20/09/2011 16:07

1 mistake from vendors you can get 3 AK stones and sometimes more i got 5 from vendor near gotha just save and load until you'll get 3 and if you want to try for more...i don't know if it will work everywhere (3 AK stones 100% but i got 5 only once)

cipake 06/07/2011 07:37

you have to play with ALTERNATIVE BALANCE off if it's on you receive only +3 but you can get tablet stone from each merchant and you can get even 3 tablet from each merchant and it's more expensive (500 each tablet)

Stefan80 13/06/2011 20:45

All the stone tablets i get are only +3 AK , books +3 AK too and weathered stone tablet gives only +6 AK. How is that possible ? I installed patch 1.07(RelUp , EU), 1.08,1.09, 1.12 , 1.4 , 1.5 ,1 .5.2 ,1.6 full and incremental(update) , 1.70, 1.71, 1.72, 1.73 and 1.74.I reinstalled the game but is the same, +3 AK and +6 AK. After starting a new game I have turned on Alternative Balance and AI too(in difficulty). Please tell me what to do or what's wrong. I can't figure it out. Oh and when i start a new game in Ardea fighting with the orcs i can't die. They just beat me down, I have go to a wolf(100% sure to die) but again he beats me down and doesn't kill me. Please help.

Manticored2010 03/05/2011 10:04

With the last patch . I noticed a few things that can be done differently . First off when you start a new game , kill the Orc commander and loot to get the world map . Then grab the tele porter stone off the table , run past the smithy and up the stairs to get the plus 5 AK from the book on the stand . Then RUN AWAY . Do not stay and kill all the orcs . Do get the teleport stones in redock and cape dun . Do NOT talk to decker the quarter master . Run and get the stones as suggested when you get to Gildern hold out for 4 of the 5 AK stones . From each of the merchants there . Takes ALOT of reloading but worth it . Then at sildern hold out for 3 from temmy . The reason is since your short one stone from deckard and 2 from Lester you need to make up for it , now do get the 5 AK from the monastery , do port back to montera and run to faring and get that stone and dig up the look near by . With the latest patch . When you get close to Al shadim you get 1000 exp and go from lvl 0 to lvl 1 . This is needed . Get 5 AK from the pillar ..10 AK from mixir and 5 AK on top of the ledge . You run up the stairway near mixir and Jump onto the ledge to get it . Run over to Mora Sul ruins and grab the other 5 AK from the pillar . Run over to mora Sul and get the teleporter stone , hold out for 2-3 stones from illia . Chances are you do not have 5000 gold yet so DO get the loan and then sell all items you can spare ... Do NOT sell heal plants , mana plants , wolf skins , pick axes , hammers , saws or tele porter stones . You should have 100-120 AK now . And 5000 plus gold .. Time to go buy learning . You can now go to deckard for more AK stones and get another level , then Basir in Montera And back to Gildern for the arena fights . It is not much getting Learning at lvl ONE but every bit helps . And with the added AK stones your spells are that much more powerful no matter what path you take . If you want to be a Mage then the fetch and carry quests in sildern and geodesy as well as some of the beginning quests in Reddock and Cape Dun . Put all the exp into ancient knowledge till you get 250 then you get mana regen . Personally I get the basic hunting and lock pick and smithing skills first . So when I travel I can get the most from what I find with out having to retrace my steps . Happy trails

Lukas49 18/10/2010 13:23

This patch is not grounds for a reduction of points AK. Note the option to play AB (alternative balancing). If you disable the amount of points AB is increased to normal levels. I would add that option as well as AI AB introduced since version 1.7x

Bjarni69 22/09/2010 18:26

All Stone Tablets I buy or find are just 3+AK and every book i've read is only 3+AK too! Is that normal?:S Help plz I'm jusing a guide and compared to it I should be getting 5+ tablets not 3+ Pluck nevermind, just noticed that it's because of the 173 patchthis post has been modified by its author [2010-09-22 19:30:39]

tholquitho 20/07/2010 16:06

and temmy can give you 3 or 4 stone!

tholquitho 20/07/2010 12:07

thanks for help.. And if you explore the ruins near mora sul temple you can find +5 Ak stones around tombs.

GP_Havoc 19/07/2010 00:04

Thanks for the guide and comments, they were really useful to me. Basir didn't give me the 3 stones as described, instead I got 1000 gold coins. But after that I bought 4 stones from him without having to reload. :D There's another stone free to grab near Saturas and his tent. It's on a broken ledge and there's also a priests tablet nearby.

Mongo1 10/05/2010 21:47

The only opinion I have is that you can continue to do whatever you want after you meet the Druids, in fact after getting your rep to 100% you can kill them all and sell their stuff for lots of gold. However, they are not the key to the path of Adanos, Xardas is. In the meantime, you can work for all three sides to accumulate the most experience, and then decide which path after you have accumulated all 5 of the Adanos artifacts, what you do with them is the path decider.

Hawk.eye 10/05/2010 17:53

Hello! I am posting this only because i am curious on your opinion! So you caN START THE GAme, do whatever you want, until you meet one of the druids ( Porgan, Bogir, Runak, Torn, or Shakyor). work for the rangers, get yourself the druid stones, and learn archery! Until you have reputation with rangers 100! Then you can buy the ranger clothes or the druid robe if you want! You are now a warrior of adanos! Work in the cities, but when you go to varant, work for the nomads. Improve your reputaTION, IF you want, buy the light, medium or elite nomad armor, and then learn magic, and get yourself the robe of water!

homo ludens 08/02/2010 17:45

OMG 5 AK stones from Decard in Cape Dun

homo ludens 01/02/2010 16:37

I buy 3 AK stones from trader in Gildern he he how about that

CemB 27/01/2010 15:28

This is logical way for start game. If u can stay little lvl and get at least 105 ancient knowledge , u can get extra 1 learning point from each level. So it is easier to get every skills with this extra skill points. If u reach lvl 70 u will get extra 65-70 skill points. And in my opinion it is not way of water mage. It is way of logical game and get more powerful+more skills. It takes ur max 1 hour to get all ancient points and fresh start. TRY THIS :)

Mongo1 20/12/2009 11:15

You should continue to find people with stones for sale, and some you get as rewards. 250 is a high goal for lvl 15, though. Not sure why you think you need to get that high that soon. Just go back and check all the sellers of stuff to make sure you did not miss a few. But it sounds like you are right on track, unless you used the advice on going places like Normar and Varant early in the game. You will get lots of them there, but normal entry to those places will be at a much higher level than 15. Mobs there will kill you instantly at low levels.

reinis321 19/12/2009 19:14

Well i did everything as it says here but how do i get 250 AK? I'm now completed all quests in Montera and i have only 110 AK do you think that i will get 250 AK before 15th level or it must be faster? Just write how to get 250 AK every point from who and so further (I'm bad at english if you don't understand not my folt)

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