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1. Ardea - it's on the table near Hamlar.

2. Reddock - its' in a chest in the southern chamber of Reddock (you have to clear it from goblins for Joey).

3. Cape Dun - it's in the Urkrass' storehouse. You can steal it (while stealing three gold chalices for Serduk).

4. Montera - it's in one of the abandoned huts, near Marik's quarter.

5. Gotha - one stone is in a chest in Potros's quarter. The second is in Gotha in smithy.

6. Faring - you can find it in cave just near the entrance to the city (Rocko digs here). The rune is in the end of the tunnel.

7. The temple in Vengard - the stone is hidden in Gotha. Enter the tunnels in Gotha and go until the end of one of them.

8. Throne chamber in Vengard -Karrypto can give you the stone (it's in his quarter).

9. Okara - the rune is on the stone near the entrance to Okara.

10. Silden -Grompel has one. The second one is in the stone circle near the northern entrance to Silden.

11. Geldern - Hashishi Mirzo has one. The second one is on the stone near the southern entrance to the town.

12. Trelis - it's in the chest behind Beliar's statue.

13. Nemora -Treslott has one. The second is in the chest near the western entrance to Nemora.

14. Braga - Bernado the merchant has one. You have to beat him to get that rune.

15. Ben Erai - first one is on the barrel near the entrance to the mine. The second one is at the end of one of the mine tunnels.

16. Lago - it's near Rasula.

17. Ben Sala - it's near the smithy. .

18. Bakaresh - it's near Silvio.

19. Bakaresh Temple - it's in the temple in one of "living" chambers.

20. Mora Sul - it's on a bench near Bandaro.

21. Ishtar - first one is on a bench near the entrance to the city. The second is near Zuben's bed.

22. Wolf Clan - it's in Ronar's hut.

23. Hammer Clan - it's in Ingvar's smithy.

24. Fire Clan - first one is in the clan leader's hut. The second is in an abandoned hut on the border of the clan settlement.

25. Monastery - it's in locked chest on the lowest level of the library.

26. Xardas's tower - it's in magician's laboratory.

There might be more teleporter runes. It may happen that you find some on the bodies of killed enemies.

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Comments and responses

julinmette 29/07/2010 21:47

Mongo 1, thank you for the advise, however I didn't have any luck. There might be something wrong with my game (?). I have the original game but I haven't run any patches, perhaps that is the reason. Anyway, thank you once again :-)

Mongo1 26/07/2010 21:14

Well if you are looking in the right cave, then I suggest you open a telekinesis scroll (don't cast, just activate scroll), as you move about it will show you where it is (and other stuff you can pick up), pick up everything until it's nick is the only item showing and walk toward it.

julinmette 26/07/2010 14:03

I seems to be the only one who can't find the teleporter stone to Faring. I have looked everyvere on every stone in the mine. I had the same problem with the Okara stone, so I had to knock down Roland to steal his stone. Is there a second stone ind Faring, since I have giving up on the one in the mine?

Danilo97 06/01/2010 20:27

Never mind that i just killed him and get fire chalice.

Danilo97 31/12/2009 17:04

How can i get fire chalice from that slave in Montera, if i cancelled quest with barengar?

[ see image ]voleyballcristi 10/05/2009 20:22

man i had liberate cape dun and i didnt take the fire chalice from urkrass...must I play the game from begining or is an alternative option?

Mongo1 21/11/2008 20:46

Outside Nemora, face the entrance to Nemora (front one) turn to your right and head up over the hill (not into the camp), the first chest on the ground to your left has the stone.

cieljigoku 21/11/2008 17:06

i tried most of the chests in nemora but i cant find the teleporter rune. it's the only one i cant find. any suggestion? thanx

Mongo1 06/02/2008 20:46

Graphics settings. Do you monkey with your INI file?

EyeZ 06/02/2008 19:02

Wait you said that the person starts burning like by mage if you use fireball(hold the mouse down for sometime) i know what you mean but when i started gothic the person did start burning too but now he doesn't burn anymore i woud realy like to know why.

Mongo1 27/01/2008 20:54

No computer lag, I can run Crysis on this PC, and even if so it would not matter. When it occurs, it is quite obvious as the guy lites up in flame, falls to the ground quite dead, and continues flaming for several seconds. You can't accidently execute the coup de grace. Further evidence is a couple battles with Black Trolls, that have ended with both of us dead! Now how else could that occur, if there wasn't continued damage beyond the sword blow? It doesn't happen every time, just once in a while (like maybe 1 in 50). You need to read more carefully. To learn master thief, you have to enter Ishtar peacefully (Hashishin rep = 75), you should carefully plan exactly how you are going to get to 75, so you will not make a mistake that prevents you from achieving it. Once in, you have to find Urgusal, do what he wants so that he will teach. He also teaches master two handed, although I think that a shield is far more effective than a second weapon. And since you have to get into Ishtar to learn master, you are so advanced at that point it makes little difference. You can learn master sword and master shield far earlier in the game, so that you are a more effective fighter much earlier, when it is most needed.

EyeZ 27/01/2008 17:43

Do you know who can teach you master thief?

EyeZ 27/01/2008 17:40

Or maybe your comp laggs or something i stab the opponet and he doesn't burn(the same by poison sword) i am playing now from the start again gothic 3 and i have the flame sword + i stab him or blow him in the end and he is still alive and nothing happens.

Mongo1 27/01/2008 15:49

Quit spreading misinformation, the flame sword indeed does fire damage, and if the last blow lowers the health to near zero, the fire damage inflicted kills the opponent. I have done it numerous times, and it has been reported by others. Yes, most of the time you have to perform the coup de grace as you describe, but it is possible to kill them without it. I am beginning to think you haven't played this game as much as you say, or you would know better.

EyeZ 27/01/2008 14:11

And you can't kill a person with a flame sword you can kill him only if you stab him and if you kill him where you see his name red.

Mongo1 27/01/2008 12:00

We are obviously having a communication problem, you are warning me about stuff I told you.

EyeZ 27/01/2008 10:57

Thats why i want the Rune Sword i use in battles that i don't want to kill the ppl i use ice lance then i do the rest with the sword(Flame sword). (P.S Mongo if you will be 1 time mage don't use mage in arena because this is like cheating because orter ppl attack you)

Mongo1 26/01/2008 14:53

If you read carefully, I said the challenge is to kill the dragon in a melee fight, ditto for Black Trolls. I know the game is easy with magic, much easier than it should be. So easy, it could hardly be called a game, more of a tutorial, where's the challenge? If you use magic, why do you need the Rune Sword? The purpose of having a weapon is to use it. BTW, never use flame sword or similar weapon in an arena duel, you might kill your opponent, and that's means you lose, and everone will be pissed. My 2 completions of the game, which you scorned, were accomplished without using any spells in combat, without a single uncompleted quest, and no named allies dead. Try it sometime, and see if you don't appreciate the game even more. My nick ought to be a clue about my approach to these types of games. I will do at least one run of the game as a mage (as I have in both the original and II), just for grins, but will not enjoy it nearly as much. I don't remember precisely who drops (has in their inventory) katanas, but it is named foes like Gonzalez and/or one or more of his close allies. There might also be someone in Bakaresh, but there are very few of them, I think the most I ever found was 3. My youngest son (22) chides me (ooh-ooh, look) for picking up everything, but that's how you don't overlook (they will soon disappear) items needed later in the game. Never sell saws, hammers, pickaxes, you need them to complete a quest in Venguard.

EyeZ 26/01/2008 13:01

I have no prob killing monsters i can take 100 on 1 time just froze them and then use fire rain and it's over.I didn't liberate mora sul so i couden't sold katanas.and where do you get the katanas?Who drops it in mora sul?

Mongo1 26/01/2008 12:33

Then it must be a random thing, because I know exactly where you found them, and a pure blank was never there for me. The recipe/blueprints are sold by one of the smiths in Nordmar. You also need two katanas, hope you did not sell them, and you found them on the corpses of the Mora Sul kills after liberating the city, they are not sold anywhere. Congrats on finding a pure blank though, someone else said they found one in a chest in Nordmar, also must be random, because I checked every chest there and no luck. Was the blank in one of the chest in the cave or lying on the ground? Now that you killed the 2 dragons in the cave, try your luck with the one outdoors in Varant, he's standing in a field very near where you found Cronos. Though it took many attempts, I managed to kill it in a melee battle, using no spells. He is also guarding some nice stufff, but nothing like what you find in the cave under Cape Dun. The cave behind the bandits (part of a Montera quest) which is filled with skeletons, minecrawlers, and gargoyes, also yields a lot of booty. The key there is to attract the monsters one or two at a time. Lots of experience points gained there, because there are so many to kill, and if you go around the corner to the left, and stay next to the mountain, you will come upon 4 or 5 trolls, they are guarding some nice chests, and there is an overlook into the cave I just described. Hope you can make the Rune Sword, tell us its specs if you do, I know the Rune Shield, found when killing Kurt, is by far, the best shield I ever found, so the sword is bound to be awesome. But, as I said, the game can easily be finished, using the flame sword, which you can purchase early in the game.

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