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Non Omnis Moriar | Trophy Guide Get Even Guide

This section contains the detailed description of how to unlock the achievement called "Non Omnis Moriar" in Get Even. The trophy is awarded for reconciling with Grace.

Avoid eliminating enemies i.a. in the ADS building, at the marsh, in front of the warehouse or at the cemetery. - Non Omnis Moriar | Trophy Guide - Trophy Guide - Get Even Game Guide
Avoid eliminating enemies i.a. in the ADS building, at the marsh, in front of the warehouse or at the cemetery.

This is the most difficult trophy to unlock in Get Even, and it's because it forces you to complete all the memories in a specific way. Namely, you must avoid eliminating hostile characters while completing the subsequent stages. It's also forbidden to trigger alarms.

Here is a list of information and tips related to this trophy:

  • If you got the Disowned trophy in your first playthrough in Get Even, you don't have to repeat the whole game. Only repeat the stages in which you were to made to much noise, i.e. started to eliminate enemies or got noticed.
  • To complete this achievement it's best to set the lowest, "Gentle", difficulty level. It should be easier to you to avoid detecting by encountered enemies.
  • Completing the entire game without killing others is not possible, so don't worry if you are sometimes forced to kill a hostile character. I'm talking especially about the enemies defending access to Grace in the prologue when you play as Black, the mercenaries in the ambush in the ADS building, and hostile patients appearing during subsequent visits in the psychiatric hospital. In the latter case only kill those patients you can't avoid (you don't have to kill Walt Kaufmann or Kiddo). Note: Hostile mannequins appearing in the hallucination during the stay in the hospital are not taken into account by this trophy. Don't hesitate to destroy them!
  • This achievement requires that you complete all stages, i. e. all Black's memories AND all Red's memories in a stealthy manner. In the case of Red, try to avoid enemies altogether and don't assimilate them (in the case of Black assimilation is treated the same as silent executions).
  • There's something that makes Black's stages easier - every "bad action" results in getting a warning from Red. Once you receive it, stop the game immediately and go back to the last checkpoint to complete a given part of a memory again.

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