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Pylraster (rank VII)

Ordinary hunt notices - Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Bartosz "Mr. Error" Weselak

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Rikken hires you for this job, because he wants to know who's the fastest in Ivalice - Pylraster (rank VII) - Ordinary hunt notices - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Rikken hires you for this job, because he wants to know who's the fastest in Ivalice. You'll find him in Balfonheim. He tells you a story about mythic Pylraster and asks you to find him. But before he tells you this story he'll want to race you (details in "Rikken, Elza & Raz").

1 - Pylraster (rank VII) - Ordinary hunt notices - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Pylraster - Pylraster (rank VII) - Ordinary hunt notices - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough


about 460 000 HP

Resistant to Libra,

Vulnerable to Fire


Crushing Fangs,

Screw Tail,

Growing Threat,


This enemy can be found in Pharos at Ridorana exactly in the same place where you have fought with Hydro.

At the beginning he'll attack you using Ram, Crushing Fangs (which may cause Death) and Screw Tail (it inflict damage upon those standing in front of him). His attacks are very strong but fortunately the also damage the attacker.

Somewhere around 50% of his HP, Pylraster will use Growing Threat increasing his level twice. He'll also begin to use Rage damaging everyone around him. Additionally after that first 50% his Defense and attack speed raise.

For this fight you could use Fomalhaut and Wyrmfire Shot or Sagittatius and Fiery arrows for the healing mage, black mage should attack using Ardor and one character should wield Masamune, Genji Armor, Genji Gloves and be under effect of Bravery, Berserk and Haste. Then all you'll have to do is to look out for his HP level.

Bounty: 8000 gil, Grand Mace, 2x Scathe Mote

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Comments and responses

Sojikari 19/06/2009 09:36

I was actually a bit surprised at the extremely complicated strategies a few people used. I noticed 'blunt force' works well. Gambits: Ally Any: Phoenix Down((Quicker to use, although it's shocking how fast a stack of these might disappear in a boss battle of this caliber)) Ally Any: Arise((Backup)) Ally HP > 50%((Lvl 65 plus. If attempting lower, it'd best be "Ally Any")) Curaja and/or Renew Ally Any: Haste Ally Any: Protectga((Somewhat bothersome due to excessive reviving. If under level 65, I wouldn't bother. He's gonna nail your' arse into the ground regardless, with every attack.)) 'Tank' characters((Swap out at no MP as necessary, Keep 2 out at all times. 3 is acceptable. Try not to have Fran AND Penelo out. Kinda weak, defencively.)) Balthier Vaan Ashe Basche All: "Save the Queen" Attack = 100 And I used mostly magic boosting armors, but you could save yourself alot of MP by just equipping that armor that has Equip: Protect on everyone. Reduces the amount of HP Curaja heals, just as a side-note. Bubble Belt Back-up Healers / Potshots Fran Penelo Both: Penetrator Crossbow "Long Bolts" - Inflicts Slow. Quite useful on this otherwise rampant boss. Just remember to dispell his status bonuses first. **DO NOT EQUIP THE GAMBIT Foe: Nearest Visible: Dispell !!!! This removes slow, and returns the boss to his rampant, and bloody rampage, keeping your' healers overworked, and underattacking!** Same armor style Bubble Belt Since this opponent didn't have any spells that inflicted status ailments, other than confuse, which the beast itself quickly disabled, the bubble-belt meant that instead of everyone dying in 1 hit((Common issue in the 60-70s range)), They could survive multiple((no more than 2, usually)) hits, and with the item-revive gambit, you actually have a shot of surviving. Some may want to bring a stack of X-Potions, and add a Gambit above the healing gambits: Ally HP>60%: X Potion ((Lower than level 65, probably more of an Ally Any situation)). And then it was just a waiting game. Had his HP down to 0 inside 5 minutes. :)

bose 20/08/2008 14:28

because of its powerful attacks i would suggest to use the decoy reverse technique on one of your character that is equipped with a bubble belt this one so the two of your characters can do some damages.

ashr1 10/07/2007 20:33

hi, here is another way 2 kill him really easy just put on the gambits arise-ally health 60%-ally attack-enemy then all u ave 2 do is watch the show

sargeinmi 28/05/2007 02:28

I fought this Monster. If you equip the Ensanguined Shield. On The leader. (Watch the Hit Points on the leader.) With this shield the leader Avoids ALL the attacks from Pylraster. Very easy fight with this shield equiped. Also use Haste and Bravery on the Leader.

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