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The Dollmaster's Mace - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Dollmaster's Mace

Dmg: 135

Where: Demon Door #8

Wellow's Pickhammer - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Wellow's Pickhammer

Dmg: 120

Where: Demon Door #3

Cutlass Bluetane - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Cutlass Bluetane

Dmg: 165

Where: Demon Door #2

Obtainable very early in the game, and one of the best indeed.

Ronok the Axe - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Ronok the Axe

Dmg: 165

Where: Demon Door #10

Avo's Tear - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Avo's Tear

Dmg: 230

Where: a special quest in the Heroes' Guild, only if you destroyed the Sword of Aeons after fighting Jack.

The Harbinger - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Harbinger

Dmg: 198

Where: stuck in the stone near the Temple of Avo.

Solus Greatsword - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Solus Greatsword

Dmg: 314

Where: you get it as a gift from Lady Gray if you are her husband and treat her nicely. Another way to get it is to buy it in Bowerstone North.

It's easy to notice that this is the deadliest weapon in the game.

The Murren Greathammer - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Murren Greathammer

Dmg: 270

Where: Heroes' Guild, a 20-key Silver Chest.

The Murren Greataxe - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Murren Greataxe

Dmg: 240

Where: 15-key Silver Chest in the lighthouse, Hook Coast.

The Sentinus - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Sentinus

Dmg: 255

Where: you get it from Temple of Avo after donating some serious money.

Katana Hiryu - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Katana Hiryu

Dmg: 214

Where: 15-key Silver Chest in Lady Gray's bedroom.

The Bereaver - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Bereaver

Dmg: 285

Where: Demon Door #11

The Avenger - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The Avenger

Dmg: 180

Where: 30-key Silver Chest in The Lost Bay.

Skorm's Bow - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Skorm's Bow

Dmg: 264

Where: Reward in Chapel of Skorm

The best ranged weapon in the game, and obtainable quite early too.

Arken's Crossbow - Legendary Weapons - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Arken's Crossbow

Dmg: 220

Where: 15-key Silver Chest in Darkwood Lake.

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Comments and responses

Cwas101 15/07/2015 09:52

Youre missing the frying pan weapon

Jack of Dahak 01/06/2012 21:59

Sword of Aeons must be a lot stronger then avo's tear, have used both and i consider Sword of Aeons to be the srongest sword in Fable TLC.

ThuHoang 01/06/2010 02:26

my monney , not fake =)) this bug game after bandit quest

matthew1993 23/02/2010 17:39

what is the fastest way to get the Solus Greatsword lady gray is not easy to get happy

PlayerNoob 13/02/2010 08:11

The Sentinus is a pretty crappy sword. Depending on whether you are completely evil or completely good, it will cost between 3,000 - 400,000 coins! The Solus Greatsword is also quite expensive. Here's the fastest way to make $. Buy all diamonds at Bowerstone North, then sell all. You should make a HUGE profit due to this exploit. Collecting them(AKA, buying all every time a new batch gets delievered) and selling them all when you get a few hundred(then, rebuying, reselling rebuying until you have all the diamonds + lots of coins), will make money even quicker. It works because of.... erm... imagine this. The shopkeeper has too many diamonds! He'll sell you them ALL for a low flat rate of 200 coins each. You brought them all. Now the shopkeeper has no diamonds! He needs some. He's willing to buy ALL at the much higher rate of 800 coins each. Easy 600 coins profit!

[ see image ]jerrid75 23/11/2009 23:01

Getting solus sword is the fast if you have a good wepon and good mana and health rank :)

legendary hiryu 11/10/2009 12:47

Yeah, I did the silver keys glitch at Rose Cottage, and it f**ked up my save big time, so I had to start again >=-(

lord paladin 10/06/2009 21:55

there is a glitch to get 30 keys which is to get into a quest like when you get to go to hook cost the first time break in the door to the light house and get the silver key hero save then load that profile you DON'T DO THIS GLITCH YOUR PROF. WILL GET MESSED UP BIGTIME if you get a diffrent key your prof. will freez up almoast every time save.

[ see image ]Death of Fate 13/05/2009 03:52

Behold the Six-Neck Inverta-Guitar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is kinda funny and Cool...Jim Carrey sings Jumper-Third Eye Blind SPOILER if you havent watched Yes Man not too much though just a little part of it... post has been modified by its author [2009-05-13 04:55:34]

wontedeclipse 25/04/2009 08:51

The fastest way to get money is to 1: buy a marital home 2: upgrade it till it has trophy mounts 3: break the doors off 4: put your most expensive trophy on the mount 5: sell the home 6: walk back into the home and take the trophies 7: rebuy the house 8: repeat 4-8 tips: assign the trophies to your d-pad slots use the oakvale house the better the trophies you have the bigger the payoff

wontedeclipse 25/04/2009 08:36

The Avo's tear isn't equal to the the sword of Aeons from the original Fable. For the lost chapters they more then half cut the power of the sword of Aeons. In the original it was an all powerfull uber weopon, now it's just a sad shell of it's former glory. I remember just going through and killing everything with one swing. The only things that could survive one swing were trolls and even they had only a tiny chunk of health left. They had to make it weak for the expansion otherwise their would have been no point in adding an expansion, cause you would have most likely decimated any resistance. For it's basic attack strenth it use to be about 550 now its only 230, and they took away a sharpening augment. Basically they changed it from a god weopon to just another legendary weopon.

gezana 09/04/2009 11:31

Does anyone else think that the legendary weapons aren't powerful enough? I have an Avo's Tear, and I do 394 damage per hit with it whilst I can hit 502 with my Master Greatsword (which has silver, piercing and sharpening augmentations.) Avo's Tear is equal to the Sword of Aeons, the amazing super-spectacular etc. weapon that the whole game is BASED around. Why should I even bother with legendary weapons?

pladim 24/01/2009 05:34

The way to make easy money is that you need enogh gold to buy the house in oakvale. Then You put your best tropheies in the thing then rent it out. Then you head down to the chicken kicking game. and sleep in the house. for 3 days. Collect the rent then reapeat untill you have alot of gold then you go on a killing rage on the town and kill every villiger. then buy there houses. When you have more money move to the next town and reapeat many times. That is the secret. Have fun with the gold!

blader4488 20/01/2009 03:17

i need help to get muney fast i am onle 10 to

blader4488 20/01/2009 03:16

i have 3 lagineders on my i need help to get them all and lose of muney i am onle 10 yers old to and i can bet the game in 2days:)

raith 05/01/2009 19:28

some organization might do this page some good, the same questions have been asked over and over again, this should put a stop to that ( thisa guide covers most of the questions asked on the thread. if you have any additional questions feel free to ask me. also if you have heard of any secrets in TLC that do not need a modded xbox let me know, i've already heard about the singing sword, scimmitar, bandit crossbow, and the statue in front of the guild. also i have a series of riddles that supposedly lead to the singing sword if anyone would be interested in helping me find it. these are the clues i found: 'Neath a shady tree nearby the Glade, Lies a secret that you know we've made. 'Tis the key to more adventures great, For those of you who simply cannot wait. A statue ticks away the time of day, The mighty arm outstretched doth point the way. When clouds are none and sun shines bright and true, That's the time to try to find the clue. In a Northern land so far from home, You may wish to go and freely roam. For if one looks in just the right place, Thou shalt see that which possesses grace. The mighty beast of old is not just lore, And if you're interested in hearing more, This challenge I do give both here and now: Tell me what you found beneath the bough. Your contemplation is both long and deep, For this one more reward you all shall reap. My words which follow are the simple truth, To find their meaning one must be a sleuth. A boat both wide and tall you may just board, If only you can find the Singing Sword. For this you must destroy the fearsome Jack; And only then may you locate the track. A building thin and tall stands in the snow, Nearby lies the secret you wish to know That which you seek you will find quickly, If first you do not visit the large tree. Even then this will not be easy, Unless you find a certain NPC. And for you who doubt that I am real, I don't blame you for the way you feel. Trust is a virtue both strong and rare, The truth is what I speak to you, I swear! Terrae for you I'll tell you what you want, Since you do not poke fun or jaunt or taunt. The books indeed are very fun to read, But you'll need them not for to succeed. Who or what or why never again, The only thing that matters now is when. If you took the life of him you seek, He would surely not be keen to speak. Worry not though because just at dawn, The man you're after will in fact respawn. The torch that you seek just might be the link, But not in the way that you might first think. Open your minds to other ways of play, And extra stuff you just might find today. Another clue might do you all some good, So perhaps I'll talk about the wood. Within a grove you'll find an ancient trick Which might be handy for your precious stick. Have you wondered why it can't be sold? The stick you have is verily quite old. The first thing you received might be the key, To unlocking this most wond'rous myst'ry. Work not too hard for it will be in vain, And surely cause you a great deal of pain. The secret that you work so hard to chase Is actually right there before your face. Once you know it you will surely feel Happy that you owned your great Guild Seal. The answer to this quest is obvious, When you think not; “him” nor “her” but “us” Methinks it time to spill another hint, Your trusty spade shall not give off a glint When near the spot to dig you doth go near, Unless first you've drunk down some nice cold beer. I said not drunk when last I gave a clue, Such 'sumptions will only make you quite blue. But if this way you feel you must construe, You'll find it difficult when you walk through. If an easy riddle's what you want, I might be able to be nonchalant. In South Bowerstone there is a gal, Who absolutely will not be your pal. She'll tell you something that you want to know, If only you can figure where to go. This next rhyme might not be such a clue, But rather something small from me to you. By Avo's smile and Skorn's great wrath you'll see Just how much more there is to this great key. A few points here I will now clarify, Though my info I shalln't verify: You may reach the Final Quest any time, But to do so later is sublime. When South I sang I'm certain South I meant, The one you seek might well hide in a tent. As for the clue that ties all the loose ends, Try first to solve it on your own my friends! To Kess0r I shall sing a little song, Pay heed my words and you shall not go wrong: The Northern Wastes are indeed what they are, Going there won't get you very far. With the stick you'll know just what to do In just the spot and with a foaming brew. On the Silver Chest I shall not sing, Though its contents are fit for a King. You'll need the Singing Sword to board the boat, Unless you find a certain way to float. To those of you who doubt about the tent, 'Tis no subject on which you should resent; The occupant will dare not be present Until a bit of time nearby is spent. The time has come for your next major tip, It has to do with that you must equip. A certain stick I've sang of oft before, But of that I shall sing not one note more. Instead the other stick is what you'll need To accomplish this most dangerous deed. The location of this other stick you wish, What if I were to tell you its for fish? Use it in a spot where the undead meet, To reward yourselves with something most ... O NeoLink to you I shall say this (For if I don't I'd surely be remiss): Both sticks you'll need to do some nifty things Including get that which is fit for kings. To bullanthony I can only say this: Search carefully back through the great abyss. The answer you seek I've already sung; I sang it myself with my very tongue. 'Tween the lines you just might have to look, Or if you're having trouble --- go to Hook!

pladim 22/12/2008 19:32

This is the best video ever about fablehere is the video. enjoy!

pladim 22/12/2008 19:22

Is any one there i HAVE to know how to get the frying pan with the augument slots when i dig it up it has no slots, Why?

Skorm 18/12/2008 18:00

anyone know weather theres a elder scrolls 5 coming out ?

Legendary Chicken Chaser 15/12/2008 06:44

Go away before one of us vent harasses you again... lol.

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