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Ghost Granny Necklace

Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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Reward: 200 Renown, 500 Gold.

When you return to Orchard Farm later in the game, you'll find the farm owners troubled by the ghost of the man's mother. Go talk to her (she's right behind the house). She'll tell you that she can't rest because of the bandit who killed her and stole her family medallion. He's at Greatwood Lake (to the east). Go there, kill him and return the heirloom to its rightful owners.

1 - Ghost Granny Necklace - Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Ghost Granny Necklace - Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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glenny21 18/06/2011 02:41

Oh, guess what? I had all of my stats maxed out before I even left the guild for the first time. I am more powerful than all of you guys. Plus my good is completely maxed out. Of course, I am going to be heading to the Chapel of Skorm to change that. I forgot to save before I defeated Jack of Blades for the last time. I was going to see what happened when I put on the mask, you know? I wanted ultimate power, but I also wanted a saved point where I was completely good. And I should have kept the sword. I should have walked out with it. What is up with that?

glenny21 18/06/2011 02:37

So, do you have to do this before you complete the game? Cause I completed the game and now I am just wandering around slaying random people and collecting books and hero dolls

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Cheater 05/09/2007 23:26

when it first came out, it scared me, but no more.

Legendary Chicken Chaser 04/09/2007 00:44

It's an alright movie. Good storyline.

Cheater 12/08/2007 06:51

i just got done watching that movie "Stir of Echoes" its a great movie, watch this to see what its like, trust me, its freakin awesome.

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