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Temple of Light

Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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Reward: Sentinus, Paladin title, youth.

To get all the prizes mentioned above you just have to donate a lot of money to the temple. The amounts required for them depend on your alignment again (generally the more evil you are the less money you have to donate). 50000 should do the thing, although not necessarily.

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Comments and responses

Legendary Chicken Chaser 06/11/2008 05:53

I think you donate between noon and one pm. Idk my memory is a tad foggy.

myothercarisanAlbion 05/11/2008 17:00

I have donated 150,000 gold about 3 times now.. Only got title and years taken off. I'm going to go try 1,000,000 and see if that gives it to me.

Legendary Chicken Chaser 24/07/2008 05:20

I think you just give it to them.

help me 22/07/2008 23:28

what can i do to give them money..

Cheater 28/05/2008 15:09

you can get the miracle of life from the chapel of skorm and the temple of light, just donate enough people or money

Jack Of Blades 28/05/2008 06:21

I need to go down in age because he is 57 and has an ugly face, but i've finished the game. can i still get mirical of life?

Cheater 25/05/2008 13:59

But Morgoth is too busy to come and teach you the ways of the darkness, so here I am, in his stead. Go to the Oblivion: Hints and peculiarities page! It is your one true hope left! Read the truth!

Cheater 25/05/2008 05:29

Jack of Spades, you are confused. Morgoth is your one true Lord. If you do not believe me, then ask him yourself...

Jack of Spades 24/05/2008 16:52

i love the temple of light and as long as this is here, it is millions better than that chapel of skorm... and as long as LCC so is avo =D.....

Cheater 20/05/2008 19:33

hey, LCC, what was your rank before "Legendary"?

Cheater 20/05/2008 16:35

lol, i made my character marry a guy and my sexuality is gay

Legendary Chicken Chaser 20/05/2008 01:56

Battle royale.

Cheater 19/05/2008 16:59


Cheater 17/05/2008 22:05

as long as legendary chicken chaser is here, there will be opposition for you Morgoth.

Morgoth 04/05/2008 17:27

For I have spread my abomination in here! light cornered in its own temple at last

Legendary Chicken Chaser 29/04/2008 04:35

No one stops by here at my temple anymore... oh well let's see what Morgoth is doing.

jwalka 24/04/2008 05:59

da really easy way to get gold an ex is to go to witchwood stones ( otha end of knothole an kill everythin as well as traders) u shud get like 2 rubies from da rocktrolls an heaps o food supplies etc i do dat like six to seven times (back an fourth = 1 time) its real easy an good

The God of War 31/03/2008 01:47

i really thing the best way to make money is go to bowerstone north with around 20k and buy all his dimonds and sell them back you will make around 30k everytime

Bloodthirster 06/03/2008 23:32

People gather in the Chapel of Skorm if................your tired of being bored by yourself.

Jack of Spades 04/03/2008 23:11

actually if youre good your supposed to do it dollar by dolla am i right?

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