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Chapel of Skorm

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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Reward: Skorm's Bow, Necromancer title, youth.

You will find the path to The Chapel of Skorm in Darkwood Camp. It is a place where you can sacrifice people in order to get lots of negative alignment points and some valuable gifts. The most important of them is Skorm's Bow, definitely the best ranged weapon in the game. Getting it requires some plain luck, though.

Hire two bodyguards (you will find one of them in each bigger city, it's easy to do fast because once you hire one of them, he teleports with you when you use the Guild Seal) and go to the chapel. Wait until it's about midnight (look at the indicator in top-right corner of the screen) and talk to one of the monks. Sacrifice both assassins.

HINT: Chances of getting the best prizes this way vary depending on you character's alignment (it's easier when you're good). There's no one sure way to get them, so you'll have to try it a few times (with a bit of luck you'll get the bow the first time).

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Once you get the bow, sacrificing the next person will give you youth (a little change in your Age stat, better save this opportunity until late in the game when you're 65), and the second one will result in getting the Necromancer title - Chapel of Skorm - Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Once you get the bow, sacrificing the next person will give you youth (a little change in your Age stat, better save this opportunity until late in the game when you're 65), and the second one will result in getting the Necromancer title. Neat.

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DyedLyar 19/06/2011 07:08

if i get the doll, the black wizard hat and the key from the teacher i lead the kids and the teacher and some guild members to there >:3

MissB 28/04/2010 19:50

quick and easy! this is garenteed! After you finish the guild training, DO NOT DO ANY GUILD QUESTS! Do little outside quests to earn good points. killing bandits, creatures, etc. DO NOT DO ANY BAD DEEDS OR EVIL ACTS! The chapel of skorm guys want to turn you evil. the more good you are, the more satisfying for them. now when youve done enough to where your evil/good allignement is to the right, indicating you are good, youre ready to get skorms bow. to help, youd want the bright robes: buy a box of chocolates or a rose and give it to the demon door in rose's cottage. also, get a bald haircut. WATCH OUT FOR THE GAME DAYS THAT PASS! when youve done all you can to make your allignment go right, indicating your good, go to oakvale. theres a hut you can sleep in on the east beach where that annoying dead pirate is, keep sleeping until you reach day 5, again watch out for your game days which you can find in setting:personality. once youve reached the morning of day 5, sleep again, making it night time. you should still be on day5, but its night time. people get this confused and think its midnight ON day 6. WRONG. on day 5 when it hits midnight, it makes it day 6, get it? anywho, NIGHT TIME ON DAY 5. once you awake, go to oakvale cemetary and hire the merc infront of the gates. (remember, both you and the merc need to have FULL HEALTH once you reach chapel of skorm. you can either run through everything in darkwood without a scratch or make sure you have heal life power.) by now, this is what is needed: mostly good, bright robes, merc from oakvale, and night time of DAY 5! head towards darkwood and run all the way through everything, dont bother fighting, just go. once youve reached darkwood camp, you go past the camp and on your left is chapel of skorm (for those who forget or dont know where it is.) go into the chapel and stand next to the guy next to the alter eagle shrine there. make sure hes highlighted and ready to talk to! now wait. the merc takes money from you every hour on the hour, right? DONT GO BY THAT! even though youre all jumpy and want to bow already,calm yourself, because you have to wait until the guard yells "LIGHTS OUT YOU HORRIBLE LOTS!" RIGHT WHEN HE SAYS THAT TALK TO THE ALTER GUY! skip scene, accept sacrifice, and keep skipping the scenes. when that guy says he appreciates your generosity, you will go far, blah blah blah, YOUVE GOT THE SKORMS BOW! i just did this 2 minutes ago, and made a last second account to help everyone cause i know how frustrating this is. let me know how it goes and good luck.

Morgoth 21/04/2010 01:34

seriously... we should be over it by now

Morgoth 21/04/2010 01:33

Just passing by too... its been a damn long time

Cheater 17/04/2010 20:05

i might be on here more now, that is, if anyone of use comes on too.

Cheater 17/04/2010 20:01

well im back after a few years of not being here. it looks like all the old fellows left...i figured so.

RJSTYLO 05/04/2010 14:03

I got all weapons also this bow but i Prefer a master bow whit Health mana augmentation, experience augmentation, will augmentation. Damage is not that important, i've beaten the whole game got all keys all armors i got everything, but when you dont have the Skorm Bow then buy a Master bow en give them Mana health and experience augmentation it will work perfect!

lord paladin 18/06/2009 16:19

if you sacrifice the same guy but the oppicite you will probubly get it on the first try

Bloodthirster 17/04/2009 06:11

Well it's been a while since I did this one but, I'm pretty sure that the other rewards they just give to you if you happen to sacrifice at the right time, its supposedly midnight, but I know when I sacrificed my bodyguards it wasn't. It's kind of a hit and miss thing. but like I said, it's been a while and I could be remembering incorrectly. hope that helps

pruncus 06/04/2009 17:24

hello. i have a problem with this quest. i sacrificed 2 bodyguards i received 1 gift from the chest, and when sacrificed again another 2, the NPC there told me that i can take my gift but that chest is open and i cannot get anything anymore. can some1 help me with this? thank u

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Morgoth 15/02/2009 02:21

Lets face it... we have lost so much interest

Bloodthirster 27/01/2009 15:17

Fable twooo lol and good plan

I like Avatar best 24/01/2009 01:42

And old milk that's been in the container smells exaclty like cottage cheese.

I like Avatar best 23/01/2009 13:20

We'll have to think of one hell of and ugly animal then.

Morgoth 19/12/2008 03:49

We should make cheese with some evil animal's milk then mixed with blood and tar add rotten plague and disease to it and cast it into the nether.... that should do it

Legendary Chicken Chaser 15/12/2008 06:42

I think it should be a name, how the hell can we make cheese black? Maybe food dye?

Bloodthirster 11/12/2008 17:10

thats kind of a light yellow color though....we are aiming for a black color yes? or was that just a name?

Legendary Chicken Chaser 10/12/2008 02:42

What if we added in expired milk? Just throwing stuff out.

I like Avatar best 06/12/2008 03:07

Naw, but then it won't taste like cheese then.

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