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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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Reward: Silver Key + random item.

If you talk to the Bowerstone South school teacher, you'll know that the school lacks educational materials and would gladly appreciate if you could spare some books. Here you have an opportunity to watch some funny cut-scenes as the teacher reads some books to the kids. If you donate 25 books, you'll get a Silver Key. You can also get a random item (piece of clothing) from the kids after donating about 10 books.

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Avatar8053 29/07/2015 19:14

OptikSniper. Where and who in the bandit camp is this trader you can buy/sell books to/from? I have played this game on the original Xbox and could not find the one your talking about. Help please? Reply to this post here and to thanks😃!

StoneHawk 19/02/2014 16:31

It would be nice if Lionhead Studios had a better way of managing (a) your inventory and (b) the things you are collecting so you know what you have and don't have (i.e., more like... Diabo 3). Fun game if you can get past all the bugs (including freezes), control issues, clunky menus (Lionhead never figures this out) and other quirks. As for "The Tailor's Tragedy", that was the last book I needed. I thought I had looked all through Bowerstone North. but I ended up finding it in a bookshelf in the only house on the right-hand side coming in from the South. The bookself was on the first floor almost directly across from the entrance, but is angled sideways (against the back of the stairs) so you might not see it as easily. The Tailor's Tragedy was the book I highly suspected I needed. Looking at lists online as well as the duplicate copied I had in my inventory, it was this one or possibly The Tales or Aarkan (found in Oakvale). A video game is supposed to eliminate the need for manual lists, but not this one. I had to figure out and keep track of which silver chests and Demon doors I had opened, and as you see the books I believe I had found or not. And don't worry about the Book of Spells; if the teacher talks about it, it means you don't have any other books he is looking for. There are more than 25 books in the game, but only a specific 25 that he will take. Here are a few useful websites: LIST OF BOOKS NEEDED FOR THE BOOK COLLECTION LIST OF ALL BOOKS & LOCATIONS BOOK COLLECTION & REWARDS [link]

DyedLyar 19/06/2011 06:56

i don't need my books (i readed all) and the teacher don't want to accept "book of spells" and i have a lot of books (i need only1 for black magic hat and 13 for the key, and i have the bright wizard hat) so please someone help! i only know a little "cheat" (mod) wich gives me evrithing, but i don't know how to install mods... and i have more 28 books to give him without the books he don't accepts... so please! anything what can help in my problem! :/

glenny21 18/06/2011 01:52

Ok, guess what? I got 60 keys on the game. Do you guys wanna know how? I used cheat engine. I defeated the game in 9 hours

metalboy25 02/03/2011 17:28

Hi guys i have this problem two but i found a way to get 30 keys WITHOUT DONATING THE BOOKS!!!And here is how ---> if you still haven't get the key from Necropolis the first time you go there it give you a quest,you start the quest go get the key and than go back to Northern Foothills that way the game will tell you that you have a quest and will ask you if you want to reload form the place where the quest started,you click reload and then you go again to Necropolis and get the key again and it will count it AGAIN!!! I found out about this bug by myself i don't know if someone else knows it but it works. PS: I play the game on a PC :)

the ripper 23/08/2010 01:27

k i have this last key to get and every time i talk to the guy he just says "the book of spells? this isn't a potty school of wizardry you know" and i have gotten all the books in the game i have searched all the book shelves like twice now and still he wont say anything but the crap about the book of spells. so if anyone knows what to do please help me

Hadė$ 21/02/2010 15:38

The first reward I got was some will users hat.

Groveling 23/07/2009 14:01

mmm.. nd have all the dolls but cant tur them in becuz the teacher is always looking at the book of spells.... mmmmm got all the keys thx to the bug so gonna kill him now >;) Buuuurn school buuurn

Groveling 23/07/2009 13:55

Yeah got the same prob. I got punch of books that I would love to give to the teacher but he doesnt accept em becuz he always looks at the "books of spells" book. "This isnt a potty wizard school u know" Help me b4 I die to laugh its so funny to hear the same joke hunred times in a row.

drevanftw 21/07/2009 01:49

this was my last key t o get, when i finally got it, i tleported right away to the lost bay to open the goddamn 30 keys chest, i was totally disappointed about the contents of the chest.

mexme1 05/04/2009 00:16

ok how do i get rid of books cuz every time i go to the teacher he tells me the same thing over and over again(somethign like this), "this shcool is for teaching bad ppl." the book he keeps looking at is "book of spells" and i need the last key! but i cant cuz of that retarted teacher!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sobel1fe 23/02/2009 18:50

yes! i got the silver key! and u just gotta get more books and then sometimes u can get books that uve already given him and it dosent matter he will take them agian and agian .

sobel1fe 23/02/2009 14:39

ive tryed and tryed to get this silver key and i think i have donated over 25 books.. and i need one more key for the avenger sword and i just cant find anymore. so someone please help me and dont just give me a huge list of books cause i have tryed to follow those but they need to be more specific. thx

chrcoluk 13/12/2008 04:21

Ok here is a tough one. I dont want to know about archealogist hero save trick. I dont want to know which books are evil/good. What I want to know is how to get rid of good books I already have so I can give the teacher evil books, telling me to start the game again and not pick up good books isnt a solution. There must be a way to get rid of books.

OptikkSnipperx 25/10/2008 16:07

wow in the bandit camp you can buy/sell books to a merchant :) :) wow i found it xD i play on xbox 360 not pc :/

aido68dyls 27/03/2008 00:07


Mehrunes Dagon 16/03/2008 21:51

if you want so baldy to kill those brats in bowerstone and take the remaining houses download a trainer from and activate the one hit kill this will instantly kill everything you attack incuding the kids. enjoy killing them they truly deserve it.

Mehrunes Dagon 16/03/2008 21:46

Mankar Camora:Lord Dagon needs blood of the innocents let's make a sacrifice for him yes bowerstone filthy little kids they will make a fine snack for lord dagon now summon the oblivion gates. ''oblivion gates have opened all over bowerstone'' Dremora commander:KILL ALL THE MORTALS WITHIN THIS PATHETIC TOWN LEAVE NONE ALIVE ESPESCIALY THE BOWERSTONE KIDS KILL THEM KILL THEM ALL!!! Bowerstone kid:i am going to be a great hero one day just like thunder and ill kill 70.000.000 demons stupid hornhead. Dremora markynaz:YOU DARE MOCKING ME YOU FILTHY MORTAL ILL CHOP YOU INTO PIECES! Bowerstone kid:shall we throw rocks at the horn head? Dremora Markynaz: DIE DOG!!! bowerstone kid: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ''the dremora stabs the kid like a pig'' Mankar camora: the time has come bring the siege crawler and obliterate this abomination. ''the siege engine emerges from the great oblivion gate and fires its deadly fireball and annihlates bowerstone from the face of the earth ending the life of those filthy peasants.

Bloodthirster 06/03/2008 23:30

People gather in the Chapel of Skorm if................your tired of being bored by yourself.

Syrin 04/03/2008 06:07

Seriously works!!!!! The easiest way to make money in this game even from the very start of the game! Buy as many healing potion, and mana potions as you can from each town, then go to Bowerstone South, sell all the potions, and then buy them all back. Keep doing this over and over once you have more money, I suggest going to all the towns and buying out all the potions, and returning to this guy and selling, and buying all over. You will see that your making more money, once you get to a high income lvl, this gets even cooler..... Start buying as many diamonds, sapphires, jets, etc (for the ruby, you wont get a profit them from selling them in all but one town.) By selliing these precious stones you'll start making hundreds of gold more, then more on to step three start buying agumentations (however it's spelled, but don't put alot of money down on the FLAME AUGMENTATION, BECAUSE YOU WONT GET A PROFIT FROM THIS STONE.) Once you start collecting these and selling them you'll be able to buy more, and further increase your profit as you sell more of them in bulk. I suggest selling them in Hook Coast the snowy region of the map. I was able to make over 5,000 gold in one bulk sell of my agumentations, but make sure to keep collect and buying more of these little guys, so you can bulk sell them in Hook Coast, and then rebuy them back from the trader, repeat this however many times you can bare to and you'll be a millionaire in no time. Shoot you can easily make over 1,000,000 just from step 1 of selling potions and mana potions, but I suggest only selling this 2 main potions, because you will earn a profit from them specifically. Try it is really works. This post was dated Monday, Mar 3rd 2008

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