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Fishing Competition

Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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Reward: Silver Key, upgraded Fishing Rod, Fisherman Hat

When you return to Fisher Creek some time after your first visit, the fisherman will tell you about this competition - Fishing Competition - Bronze quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you return to Fisher Creek some time after your first visit, the fisherman will tell you about this competition. You're gonna need a really big fish to get all the prizes (try Hook Coast).

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Comments and responses

ARCHERY 04/09/2011 09:28

my fish is 12 kg..... >__<

[ see image ]Alex567 18/01/2011 19:57

My biggest fish was 7.2kg

JASSer 03/08/2010 15:51

OMG i just cought a 52kkg fish!in hook coast again!on that bridge turn right to those little stairs and fish there and you'll get it too

JASSer 03/08/2010 15:43

OMG... i just caught a fish 40kg weight in hook cost!and i wanted to show it to that fisherman in fishers creek for him to say something crazy but when i did it showed that my biggest fish is 0.0g.and he said "whats that you got there?is that somekind of new microscopik life form?"

matthew1993 23/02/2010 17:41

my biggest fis was 25kg

Soledad_AD 25/02/2009 08:46

i got a 19 Kgs and i wish to know if this mission ever ends

prockr3 04/10/2008 03:49

my biggest fish= 16kg! no joke, this was at bleached bone island (where the demon door in necropolis leads to)

pikiu 20/09/2008 11:50

my bigest fish is over 5 kg

Legendary Chicken Chaser 01/07/2008 01:22

People attending our chapel of skorm will be driven into complete madness if unprepared.

Briar_Rose 01/07/2008 00:14

So the biggest fish I've caught is 4,000 something grams. But everytime I try to give a fish to that damn fisherman it says my biggest fish is 0.0. If anyone happens to pop by this forum could you please help me out?

Jay-Red 26/06/2008 21:54

i caught a fish that weighed 3442.69g....i caugthte loc ness monter

Bolrock 17/06/2008 00:15

Lol, i just cought i fish that weighs 2414g lol

Bloodthirster 06/03/2008 23:28

People gather in the Chapel of Skorm if................your tired of being bored by yourself.

Ignavus 19/02/2008 05:02

I'll take a crack at it, jaws the original one that is?

Legendary Chicken Chaser 11/02/2008 16:33

It's a 20 footer.... no 25. (name that movie) :)

[ see image ]Bakula 11/02/2008 02:29

ohh.. thats a big one 0_o i thought there are no fish over 5kg but looks like there are really some whalefishies around in albion

Bakula 09/02/2008 02:30

my biggest 3406 g @ darkwood bordello guess there are some big fish my line is very sensitive and goes wild when i fish there.. and does the hat help? i actually got smaller fish with that ugly thing on my head

jwalka 08/01/2008 01:29

da biggest fish ive gotten is 2689. sumthin at hook coast dats wre u can get like 5 or 6 of em' (moonfish) i hate it how once u pass a certain piont in da game u ant do sum of da side wuests like the hobb killin contest

fable dude 23/04/2007 04:45

to comment 286, do you have the origanol or tlc because hes only there in tlc.

Psyclone 23/04/2007 03:15

Dunno...and you only need 50 grams to win.

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