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Hobbe Cave

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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Reward: 400 Renown, 5500 Gold.

After taking this quest from the Guild go to Rose Cottage and talk to the granny living there. It occurs her grandson has been lost in Hobbe Cave and someone has to find him. Guess who's it gonna be.

1 - Hobbe Cave - Silver Quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough
When you enter the cave, enter the first door on the right - Hobbe Cave - Silver Quests - Fable: The Lost Chapters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you enter the cave, enter the first door on the right. You will meet a bandit, who offers you help searching the place and dividing the loot you both find. Do what you will, but if you want to be evil, he will come in handy in a few moments.

At the end of the cave system you'll find yourself in a big room with a rocky sphere in the middle. A blue Faerie will appear and tell you it needs a human to complete the ritual and you can sacrifice someone else, swapping him for the boy. You can give him the newly met bandit or kill (or do both, in that order). Take the boy outside, watching that he doesn't take too much damage. Go to Rose Cottage with him. It seems the granny wasn't so innocent after all, but this isn't your business any more. Quest complete.

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Comments and responses

garsaphire 07/06/2011 03:11

What if the Bandit dies before you get to the faerie at the end? What do you do then? and what is the hexagon key used for? Thank you for any helpful information

AlexisJullianLee 03/10/2010 01:41

Oops I forgot. After you have 1 key, make a hero save. And when you load, you'll be in Rose cottage. After that, just repeat this trick and you'll get unlimited silver keys. But DO NOT finish this quest.

AlexisJullianLee 03/10/2010 01:39

I have a trick to take infinity silver keys in this quest. First you take the Hobbe Cave quest. Then, you need a spade. 2nd, walk to the circle of flowers at left of the house and dig it. You'll have 1 silver keys. 3rd, repeat this as many times as liked. You will get unlimited keys although it takes you a long time. But remember to this trick works, DO NOT finish the quest.

AingealWroth 06/11/2009 10:57

If you like money, augments, potions (mainly health, but a Will Master's too, if you have 5 silver keys), red meat, renown, and points towards getting a halo... this is the best place to use the Hero Save option. ~Grab the Quest Card (if you haven't already) then World Save. ~Gate to the Greatwood Portcullis Gate, then run your butt to Rose's Cottage. (It'll auto save here, but don't worry about that.) Go to the door of the house and select the door, skip or wait through the cut scene, getting the key along the way. ~Run back out, take a right, then into the Cave you go. First door on the right, kill the Hobbes and ignore the yelling guy. As you kill, grab the exp orbs and loot, because sometimes the cut scene makes things vanish. After all the Hobbes are dead, Bandit man will do a cut scene (yawn, hit Y), and then ask if you want to join him. +20 Good = B/no, +20 Bad = A/yes. ~Exit this room to kill the Hobbes now rushing to come say 'hi', they're worth +2 points in the good direction, per kill. After they're dead, go into the door on the left side of the tunnel. Kill the Hobbes there (don't hit the barrel, or you'll get 'sploded), then grab the health potion on the ground, and the WIll Master's Potion from the blue chest. ~Exit again, and head down the tunnel. Open the door at the end, kill all the Hobbes in the room, then open the chests. 1000 gold and a Flame Augment are yours for keeps. This is where I always Hero Save, then Load my World Save from before. All together, you should get about 2k gold, 5-10 health potions and red meat, a Flame Augment, +30 good points, +50 renown, the lovely Will Master's Potion, and a crap load of experience. You can wash, rinse, and repeat as many times as you can stand. In about two hours, I had enough to buy: the Marital House in Oakvale (without even selling first), Divine Fury, level 3 health, level 3 speed, level 2 & 3 mana, and level 1 & 2 Fireball.

Legendary Chicken Chaser 10/08/2008 01:14

Magic Mandozer 07/08/2008 17:32

Hey hey hey im magic mandozer!!!!! MAGIC MANDOZER SAY IT SAY IT!!!!MaGiC mAnDoZeR For the win!!!!!! Blast y'all wit ma rocket lawn chair!!!!!

Bloodthirster 06/03/2008 23:26

People gather in the Chapel of Skorm if................your tired of being bored by yourself.

jwalka 01/02/2008 05:42

u cnt really tell da kid to run away he does dat wen u save him an after da old cow yells at him den u can kill da bitch haha

avatar 26/05/2007 12:54

can u actually do that? And also how many evil points if u do want 2 be good 2 the very end but don't mind gettin a few points for the sake of the innocent who r forced 2 do stuff for thier over controllin grandma's.

fable dude 21/04/2007 04:23

thats smart.

Chicken Chaser 19/04/2007 14:11

Idk forcing her grandchild to do chores and other jobs unwillingly. I always just kill her after this and tell the kid to run free.

avatar 18/04/2007 20:29

ok wondering what granny did to make her not so innocent

P!e master 16/04/2007 22:25

yeah it opens the last door cuz if you go ther befor you get the quest card you cant go in there

Metasync 16/04/2007 00:24

I don't remember. I think that it opens the room with the bandit inside.

fable dude 15/04/2007 23:15

what you get in there.

Metasync 14/04/2007 19:52

It opens one of the doors in the Hobbe Cave.

proof 14/04/2007 15:21

i mean the key that the granie gives you what does it do and do you keep it after the quest? please anser asap

proof 14/04/2007 15:20

does anyone know what the key that the granie does?

fable dude 14/04/2007 01:56

use it its useful just dont get addicted to it and use it alot because then it will corrupt your file.

proof 13/04/2007 16:06

i dont use hero save anymore it always corrupts my saves

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