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Orobas Fjords - M5.2 Primordial Cave

Orobas Fjords - Walkthrough - Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Arxel" Justynski

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1. Elevator

2. Chicken Rune

3. Golden Statue

4. Lever

5. Patriarch

M5 Orobas Fjords

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Comments and responses

athyst 20/09/2011 22:17

ricardo to level up your dragon form you have to find dragon skill books. once youve have found a book, and there are multiple books around the game main ones there is 1 on each platform of your tower and in your personal room, then go to your inventory and find it and use it and you dragon has another skill.

ricardo69 30/07/2011 03:16

what is the best place for me to level up after getting me into dragon? help me please?

SolidlyStated 18/07/2011 04:08

@Xavior - that is not the key for the chest next to the Patriarch. Also, it is always sitting on that wooden scaffold, even before you fight the Black Ring. It opens a regular chest ~30 feet away from it. I have not found a way to get down where the dragon is yet. Might happen later in the game or not at all. Might have just been decoration.

rdf24 06/02/2011 18:12

found the key for chest down by the Patriarch, is there a way to get to it the cut scene keeps happening and I can't find a way down, has to be a way or they would not show it to you, can anyone help please.

ForgottenLegend 24/01/2011 16:06

For break the barrier you have to go take the chest where the map above mark lever and put it on the broken lever, use it and the barrier is gone

passfanatic 23/01/2011 13:14

The levr is in the middle of that locatioin on a piece of rock, where a fireball lands every 1-2 seconds. So u have to put the lever and go away, use the lever and go away.

psimaster 08/01/2011 20:53

in the room with the fire maze where there is a magic barrier - I have the lever but where is the broken lever in the cave to use the lever with? The walkthrough says in the cave to the northeast, but I've tried looking and I can't find it! Please help!!

Major Suicide 20/11/2010 01:58

I see a chest down by the dragon, but when ever i go to jump down a cut scene starts of the dragon asking me if i need anything else, how do i get down there by the dragon an open the chest?this post has been modified by its author [2010-11-20 03:12:08]

Xavior 26/09/2010 16:36

I Found the key. It appears after you fight the Black Ring. Its in the alcove south of the Patriarch on the wooden platform.

Xavior 26/09/2010 16:33

Ok mabie its covered somewhere else but I didn't find it. There is a chest right near the Patriarch that needs a key. Where is this Key found?

maywin 15/04/2010 06:41

Did you ever get an answer to your question? That has been bothering me as well.

Bent 23/03/2010 21:19

Anybody know if there's a way into far west arm of this cave? It seems like it's off of the fireball maze, but can't find a way in.

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