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Broken Valley - M2.8 Derelict Tunnels

Broken Valley - Walkthrough - Divinity II: Ego Draconis Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Arxel" Justynski

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1. Hallorn

2. Broken Valley M2

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Comments and responses

archermike4k 21/02/2012 14:25

i have stumped myself... i am stuck in these tunnels and cannot figure out a way to get out of here. i am lvl 9 and do not have the dragon morph tactic yet. the only way out is up and the main entrance is blocked. im sure theres something i`m missing.. ??

Draconas1961 13/06/2011 05:13

i got all 3 tailsmans and i go to the golden statue and nothing who do i got to see first ??

Inkdbeauty 24/01/2011 23:55

The statue you are looking for is the gold looking GOBLIN statue in the room with all the wraught iron looking bars.

DarkoMajere 14/12/2010 01:43

Thanks for all the info. Been trying to find the third talisman now for awhile :Pthis post has been modified by its author [2010-12-14 02:45:08]

jimbo68 27/05/2010 01:13

The 3rd Talisman is near the eastern Goblin Hamlet Exit in what appears to be a hollowed out tree that looks like a shrine... it has a small jewelry box in it. Once you have all 3 amulets takem them to the central chamber where there is a statue lit up and has plants around it. Use the amulets in the order (West, East and South) then you get the North amulet. The North amulet is for you. 16/03/2010 05:28

There are three hidden talismans: one in the western dead end, one in the southern dead end, and one on a goblin chair in the large room before the eastern exit. Collect all three and approach the statue on the western wall near the southern exit of the central room (next to where you find the dusty tome that explains their significance). Go into your inventory and use the Talisman of the West to start a dialogue. Choose to raise the Talisman of the East next, and finally choose to raise the Talisman of the South. A treasure chest with gold and a +2 wisdom amulet will appear.

transam4dman 02/02/2010 23:11

Where is the south necklace, i have to other two but i must be missing it.

zua 24/01/2010 20:35

when you have all 3 tailsmans... go to the center where you will see a bunch of statues of women the statue u need to stand in front of has kinda a golden glow to it with potted plants next to it and leaves or somekinda plant growing behind it. it's in the area where u see like the prison bars.

aleksira 23/01/2010 15:27

can someone tell my where are are the three talismans

diceemup 19/01/2010 22:17

When you raise the talisman's in the following order: West, East, South. they disappear and a chest holding the north talisman appears before you. Talisman of the North, amulet +1 spirit +1 Heightened reflexes +1 indomitable will +2 wisdom 1 empty charm slot 3 empty enchantment slots.

official5 17/01/2010 16:24

To add once you find all four of the Tailsman use them on the female statue located in the center of the map.

official5 17/01/2010 16:18

On this map there are Tailsman I found 3, East, South and West, can't found North, I don't know how significate these Tailsman are but until I found the North one I will never know, if you have found the North Tailsman please post here.

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