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As in the first part of Dead Island you have to make a choice of a character before beginning the game - Choice/import of a character - Dead Island Riptide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

As in the first part of Dead Island you have to make a choice of a character before beginning the game. This time, you choose between five different heroes and you should decide basing on their specializations. For example, if you want to use blades mostly (knives, katanas, swords), Xian is an ideal choice for you. Specialization of particular characters can be found in the table below.





throwing weapons

Automatically regain throwing weapons.

Aiming at several enemies at once in Fury mode.

Fire resistance.

Bigger damage and faster regeneration while drunk.



Enhancement aura during fights.

Personal weapon during Fury Mode.

More ammo.

Penetrating shoots, hitting few enemies at once.


bladed weapons

Attacks from behind deal more damage.

Fury is regenerated quicker - it can be used more often.

Additional effects of critical hits with bladed weapons.

More efficient healing.

Sam B

blunt weapons

Can ram and knock down enemies.

Powerful, knocking back blows in Fury.

High damage resistance.

Knocks down quicker and for a longer time.


personal weapons

Learns new weapons quicker.

Area attacks more often while in Fury.

Very dangerous special attacks.

An opportunity to avoid death and heal.

If you decide to create a complete new character, it starts with a 15 level. What is more, game will allow you to choose if the set of beginning skills has to be decided by the game, or you want to do it on your own. If you played in the first part of this series, the second choice is better, as you should already know which skills will be the most useful for your character.

Creating a new character isn't the only available option, as Dead Island Riptide offers also a possibility of import the one from the previous part of series. An advantage of this solution is a fact, that you transmit your level and unlocked skills - so you should more easily reach a new level cap which is set at 70. But you can't import weapons which you had in your inventory at the end of the game. It's annoying especially in the first hours of the game, because you'll meet high-levels zombies (their level adjust to yours) and, as in result, you'll be forced to seek best possible items quickly.

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