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Mission 1 "Omaha Beach"

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Pawel "PaZur76" Surowiec

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Primary Objectives - Mission 1

Primary Objectives:

[*1] Get 25 Soldiers to the Shingle (X)

[*2] Move Engineers to the Shingle (X)

[*3] Destroy Bunker with Satchel Charge

[*4] Neutralize 88 Battery on the Ridge

Secondary Objectives:

[*] Destroy 3 Axis Small Bunkers

Additional Objectives:

[*] Clear Left Beach Exit [<] (award: "Expert Infantryman Badge")

*note: how many enemy infantry squads you will see in the area between two small bunkers on the right and two bunkers at the end of the map depends on how fast you'll destroy these bunkers with your engineers (bunkers send German reinforcements to the battlefield)

Relax, sit comfortably and watch a breath-taking movie showing the Americans landing on the Omaha Beach, D-day, June 6th, 0700hrs [1].

[3] - Mission 1
[4] - Mission 1

First wave of them will be totally annihilated by German MG-42s and 88mm Flaks fire [2]. You start your game when the second wave of Tommys lands. Select first squad of allied soldiers and move them to the shingle ((X) on my map) which is located between the beach and the hill with german bunkers on it (the shingle is marked as a green line). Jump from one obstacle to another (tank traps, etc.), try to move when Krautz focus their fire somewhere else [3]. Remember: if you see a green shield near the cursor while choosing the destination for your soldiers (behind any obstacle) it means that they'll be relatively safe there, yellow shield marks not so good protection. You must get 25 soldiers to the shingle (X), it's your first of primary objectives [*1].

[3] - Mission 1
[4] - Mission 1

Also you should see an american sharpshooter hiding behind the obstacle near the shingle (near right beach exit) - camouflage him by left-clicking on an icon in the lower right corner of the screen (so he'll be almost invisible for Germans) and quickly move him to the shingle (X). Unfortunately you can't verify his shooting skills yet [4]. As soon as you get 25 other soldiers to that location (the shingle), bring there also an engineer squad (it's 2nd primary objective [*2]), they should land on the beach now [5]. Remember: rush from obstacle to obstacle, avoid enemy fire.

[5] - Mission 1
[6] - Mission 1

You'll see a cutscene showing the engineers breaching barbed wire on the shingle [6]. This is it - quickly select rifle squad and throw a grenade into the nearest german MG-42 position on the right (left-click on icon in the lower right corner of the screen to select grenade and left-click on target to throw it). Once again select engineers and take them closer to that big bunker on the hill then toss a satchel charge into it (do it the same way as with grenade) to destroy the bunker (it's primary objective [*3]) [7].

[7] - Mission 1
[8] - Mission 1

Alright, you can finally push forward ! Again, you will see a cutscene showing American soldiers running up the hill [8] - two of them will clear the bunker you threw a satchel charge into [9].

[9] - Mission 1
[10] - Mission 1

It's time to seize that hill and to destroy german 88mm Flak battery located on the ridge [*4] - this is your final primary objective. You should see a german gun to the left from a big bunker you've destroyed - kill its crew with your sniper or riflemen: shoot from the side where Germans are exposed and more vulnerable or throw a grenade [10]. Then select one of your rifle squads - it's best to choose the one with only few man left (so it has a small firepower and is less useful in gunfight) - and seize the gun by right clicking on it. Turn the gun towards the left beach exit [<] and start shooting Krautz there - kill'em all [11]. After finishing them a message will appear on the screen telling you an additional objective [*] was completed (clearing left beach exit) and you will be awarded with American "Expert Infantryman Badge". Pay attention that you can also collect German weapons lying on the ground in white circles (marked as white dots on my map), for example MG-42 light machineguns, by right-clicking on them, and replenish your human losses by clicking on a silhouette with a white cross in the lower right corner of the screen - some fresh soldiers will then join your squads.

[11] - Mission 1
[12] - Mission 1

Ok, at the same time you should blow up two small bunkers on the right, near right beach exit (to the right edge of the screen) - one of them is located deeper onto the hill (inland). Act quickly because german reinforcements are running out from these bunkers from time to time. Do it with your engineers (protect 'em with rest of your soldiers), use satchel charges as usual [12]. Get your sniper (if he is still alive ;-) closer to enemy positions on the hill, place him behind the sandbags so he will be able to harass (or even take out) German gun crews [13].

[13] - Mission 1
[14] - Mission 1

Simultaneously deal with one more german MG-42 and bunker located opposite to the left beach exit [<], near the left edge of the screen - you can use your camouflaged sniper to infiltrate enemy positions first. Destroy them with your gun (they should be in range), it's easiest way, or absorb enemy attention by shooting at him with one of the squads than flank him with sappers - first take out MG crew, afterwards blow up the bunker to complete secondary objective (destroying 3 Axis small bunkers [*]). Crews of two 88mm Flaks on the ridge you can patiently shoot from below (use your sniper for example) [14]. Use similar tactic (flanking) to clear trenches situated higher, infiltrate the terrain with your sharpshooter first. There are also two small bunkers at the end of the map - place some captured heavy MG-42s or rifle squads opposite to the exits from these bunkers (so Jerrys running out from them (as reinforcements) will be quickly annihilated) and demolish both bunkers with explosives [15].

[15] - Mission 1
[16] - Mission 1

Finally, destroy with satchel charges two remaining and unmanned at present 88's on the ridge [*4] to put an end to this horror and to complete final objective (Neutralize 88 Battery on the Ridge) [16].

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Comments and responses

Waleed CoH 15/11/2014 07:52

THIS IS LIKE 15 MIN: 1. Get sniper to shingle. (he needs to be camoflauged, firing at the MG42 squad up the hill. 2. Select as many troops as you can. 3. Target them to the ridge 88 flak. 4. Use tank traps to guard engineers. 5. Every time the MG stops, move to the next tank trap. 6. Get them to shingle! After wire is blown: 1. Snipe all MG42 troops and infantry. (target MG42 first, wait 20 sec in between shots) 2. Engineers get MG42 LMG. 3. Riflemen take Beach 88mm AT/AA "Tiger Tank Barrel". 4. Target the 2 other 88mm AT/AA "Tiger Tank Barrel". 5. spoiler startEat Sauce.spoiler stop

Brasidas 14/05/2012 18:12

In short: Sniper + FlaK 88 = Victory with all objectives accomplished at minimal casualty. 1. When you save the sniper, activate camo and disable autofire. Designate him at troop #1. (pressing Ctrl + 1 while having the sniper selected will do the job.) 2. When the engineers blow up the shingle, use the sniper hidden under the shingle to take out the MG nest. Once the road is clear, advance the engineer to blow up the bunker. 3. Leave EVERY other soldiers in the trench to minimize casualty. Designate the engineer at #2. take out the german forces at the nearby FlaK 88. 4. There will be one more MG team to the left. Take them out with sniper. 5. Occupy the 88 with Engineers. The fun begins now. 6. FlaK 88 can hit basically everything in this map. It's just a matter of having a spotter to find the target. Disabling the autofire does wonder for this scenario for this reason. Just approach the bunkers so you can see the bunker at the boundary of sniper's sight range. Take it out with 88. Move to the next bunker. Wash, rinse, repeat. 7. Once all 5 bunkers are taken out, take both 88s with your 88. Mission accomplished.

smokeAndCover 24/12/2011 19:59

(Expect difficulty; medal: clear the left entrance also) The only planning this mission requires are to leave one battery of the objective undamaged until you have cleared everything else. After gaining access clear left side for medal. Then use the cannon to take out one of the other cannons plus bunkers and nests when they become visible.

SprDg 10/10/2011 06:58

For more experience using the troops, the strategy the Game Guide uses works well. For a quick and easy mission on Normal: 1. Do a wide select of as many troops as you can and storm to the shingle (previously suggested). 2. Optional: As they are storming, find the sniper, activate camo, deativate auto fire and move him to the shingle (otherwise he dies). 3. When time to select the engineers, again do a wide select so you have troops storming with the engineers. 4. After wire is blown, you don't need to fight with the MG nests. Just have the engineers target the base of the bunker. 5. After cut scene, now finish off MG nests to improve snipers survivability. Troops will just run past them. 6. Have squads pick up weapons left by the enemy and move them to defensive positions (previously suggested). 7. Have a squad capture the 88mm enemy gun and use it to take out anything it can hit (most everything and previously suggested). 8. Move squads forward with commandered MG's to defend your advance and to reveal more terrritory. 9. Optional: Use camo'd sniper to reveal more territory and take out enemies (previously suggested). 10. The sniper needs to move to a new position after each engagement to maximize survivability. Note: You can probably save time by not worrying about the sniper. But he adds some challenges as well as capability and experience.

82nd Airbourne 23/11/2007 04:10

yeah,the men are always at your disposial in the begining

FateousMaximous 09/07/2007 03:13

The first guy is right you do over complicate thing such as you can just Click and drag to select all of your troops and then just have them run to the shingle. They are free and you never run out. Also if your sniper should last the entire mission. Simply because he has a longer range than a regular riflemen. Because he lasts a long time you can wipe out both of the guns with him or take them out with the stolen gun.

jeroen 06/04/2007 15:28

you are making it harder then it is when you have captured the first 88. and shoot the other 2 with it you have finished it in a minut

Mark Minor 13/12/2006 13:47

uuhhhhhhhh dude, Tommies is for british armies not american