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Tacitus Regained

Act 3 - Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Game Guide

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Act 3 - Tacitus Regained

In the last scenario the Brotherhood will get its chance at regaining Tacitus - Tacitus Regained - Act 3 - Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In the last scenario the Brotherhood will get it's chance at regaining Tacitus. The precious artifact is kept at a GDI base guarded by energy barriers. Before you'll be able to send in the saboteurs you'll need to get rid of the force fields.

Your base is situated in the south-eastern portion of the map. Start your mission by building a second refinery to speed up the Tiberium-gathering process of the nearby field. Your remaining funds should be spent on crating defensive perimeter consisting of Shredders, Obelisks of Light and SAM turrets. Cyborg units you have received at the beginning of the mission will also come in handy - get your units onto the reckoners and then deploy them near your turrets.

Obelisks of Light, shredders and Venoms should be able to stop all enemy attacks - Tacitus Regained - Act 3 - Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Obelisks of Light, shredders and Venoms should be able to stop all enemy attacks

The enemy will send loads of units at your base, so make sure your defenses don't have weak links and start producing Venom helicopters. Several Venoms with super charged particle beams should be placed near the turrets as a support against missile infantry.

With the defenses in place it's time to prepare a counterstrike. Build every building you might need and start developing new technologies. Build more Venoms and send them to scout the area.

Try to reveal as much as you can - focus on revealing enemy structures and Tiberium spikes. During this process you should also reveal two bonus objectives. Ignore them for now and continue building up your army. My choice would be the Venoms as they are fast and perfect for quick strikes and hit and run strategy, but they are not a necessity here.

Before launching your offensive you should secure the Tiberium spikes and a silo west from your positions. They should improve the income rate and the process of building up your forces. GDI will try to recapture these structures, so you'll need to send in some troops to defend them.

Helicopter attack. - Tacitus Regained - Act 3 - Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Helicopter attack.

1 - Destroy GDI Power Plants

Start your offensive by attacking the power plants marked by Kane. You can't get to them through lands, so your best option are the Venoms or Vertigos. If you're high on resources you may also consider nuking the power plants.

2 - Destroy GDI Bunker Entrances

Unpowered turrets will become an easy target allowing you to move more freely around the map. Start the GDI units and structures of the map but don't miss the Bunker Entrances set between the rock formations. Destroying them will fill your last bonus objective.

After several minutes GDI forces in the area should become a sad memory. The enemy will send various troops at your base, but they shouldn't be much of a problem. Split your army into three parts and send them to defend the GDI communication centers marked with yellow dots on the map.

1 - Capture and Hold GDI Communication Centers

Create three saboteurs and send them to the buildings. The command will initiate the process of disrupting the energy barriers which takes about ten minutes. (If you capture all three centers the process is thrice as fast). GDI will send troops to reclaim the buildings, but if you destroyed the bases defending the barriers they shouldn't be much of a threat. If the situation gets hot remember that you can repair the damaged structures.

This building hold the Tacitus. - Tacitus Regained - Act 3 - Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath - Game Guide and Walkthrough
This building hold the Tacitus.

After five minutes the first barrier will drop, allowing you to attack previously inaccessible GDI structures. This part of the map will be defended by MARV so focus your attacks on it before it manages to deal some real damage. With the firepower of all of your units it should soon become history.

2 - Capture Tacitus Containment Structure

After the next five minutes second barrier will drop - destroy all remaining buildings and create a saboteur to capture the marked building. This should conclude both the mission and the campaign - Congratulations!

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Comments and responses

destruk 09/09/2011 21:30

This game is really making me think they didn't beta test it at all. If the computer nukes a base and you attack the same base in the same turn - it shows you the remaining buildings from the nuke and when you select real-time, surprise! the base is fully restored to the state it was prior to the nuke strike. Another tip - if you are Scrin fighting the Militant Squad or other Nod force without any anti-air units, they will follow you all over the map. A good idea would be to have your base take flight, and hover over a tiberium field. Any enemy soldiers will follow and wait in the tiberium field until they die. Tiberium troopers and vehicles are immune, but it's a lot easier to defeat them alone (4x tiberium troopers and 2x beam cannons remaining) than to take on the entire initial strike group, shadow teams, enlightened, and awakened. Buzzers and buzzer defenses make quick work of tiberium troopers - split the buzzers up to attack from different directions. Buy time by allowing the beam cannons to target your MCV/Drop ship, build disintegrators to take the beam cannons out - easy. I think the reason the AI units 'stop' when you are GDI could be - if you build a power plant and barracks far away from the Nod forces, and then pack up your MCV, it may have had the MCV 'targeted' - and packing it up deletes the building so the AI could think it's been destroyed - it also could keep track of how much money you have spent - because when your money drops below 2500 credits it thinks you can't build a refinery to create more units or something and stops sometimes. If you have an engineer take over a tiberium spike, then you can rebound and build a hammerhead and destroy them like shooting fish in a barrel. On the map with the two spikes and two bridges, build a power plant, pack up your mcv, and move it over the bridge at the top right corner of the map - being careful to take the 'long way' around the enemy strike force. Unpack your MCV as far from the enemy as possible - and build another power plant/barracks/and two guardian cannons. Use the guardian cannons to destroy the bridge, capture the tib spike, then sell the barracks. Build a refinery, command post, and airfield. Sell the refinery when you have built the command post, sell the command post when you have built the airfield. Build a hammerhead and put the soldiers into it from the sold barracks. Take out the beam cannons first. You can win every time in this map against the standard Nod squad on easy - the same strategy might also help a lot for medium/hard levels since that squad has no way to repair the bridge or to attack flying units. Playing as Nod, GDI's only instant reinforcement team is made up of two firehawks, commando, 4x zone troopers, and two sniper teams. The computer seems to have enormous dificulty when faced with more enemies in different directions - all of them will try to attack the same target at the same time. For this - create a few shredder turrets and train a bunch of militant squads. Focus fire on each individual shredder turret extension on the commando first - then the zone troopers and sniper teams. You can take out the firehawks by going after their landing platform - when they drop their bombs and the landing platform is destroyed, they will lose health until they explode. Or you can destroy the landing platform with them landing or on the platform to blow them up too. Don't waste your money on upgrades you won't be using or don't need - just because it's available doesn't mean you should invest in it. Guardian cannons are ok, but if you can skip over them to the sonic emitters, those are preferable - some games I don't even build guardian cannons or tanks - just planes and emitters and watchtowers as GDI. The only time I use grenadiers is for the Marv and APC to clear out buildings, so the 'emp grenades' upgrade isn't very useful to me. If you prefer predators, you might want to invest the $4K in the upgrade. Black Hand is the only faction/subfaction allowed to have two commandos at one time.this post has been modified by its author [2011-09-09 22:40:33]

destruk 26/08/2011 01:20

For the Global Conquest mode, if you use an ion cannon followed by the ZOCOM infiltration and get the enemy base down to a single crane, it won't build anything at all during the real-time fight. Another AI failing, if you are being rushed by Nod infantry and you build a power plant and barracks and then move your MCV elsewhere, the attack force could decide to stand around and not attack anything. If you are Scrin, build a strike force of 3 Planetary Destroyers for about $5000, and that strike force can conquer the entire globe single-handedly with auto-resolve. I don't think anyone at EA or the beta test team actually tried any of the features of the game. If you are using the orca strike or ZOCOM infiltration - don't waste it on strike forces with a single unit - as it will never destroy it - same goes for the Ion Cannon. Don't use auto-resolve with the superunits in your strike force - like the MARV, Redeemer, or Hexapod - as it will never place your infantry inside to power them up. On Easy the computer will never use engineers to do anything except recapture it's own MCV if they are nearby. On Medium, it uses engineers to capture any available civilian structure, and on Brutal it'll use them to capture everything.

destruk 19/08/2011 21:53

If you are playing on easy, don't build the air tower. By using only land based units GDI won't attack your base much, if at allk, as long as your stealth field generators are covering your buildings. Build the redeemer, and have that single unit destroy everything so he ranks up to elite. Use the tiberium bomb and the nuke to take out the power plants. A good combo for units in the redeemer is a saboteur and rocket soldiers. You can finish the mission easily with just the redeemer, saboteurs, and stealth tanks.