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LAND SEVEN - quests

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Oil barron's flames

1 - LAND SEVEN - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
You'll be able to complete this quest after You have conquered the entire land - LAND SEVEN - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You'll be able to complete this quest after You have conquered the entire land. To complete it, You have to put out the fires on the five pumps using the water miracle.

Reward: 50 000 tribute

Monster mine

2 - LAND SEVEN - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The mine on Your capital's terrain is a home to a monster that eats Your people - LAND SEVEN - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The mine on Your capital's terrain is a home to a monster that eats Your people. In order to get rid of him, throw a water miracle on the mine. Then You'll hear from Your conscience that this way You wont get rid of the problem. So, create a platoon of soldiers and make it go into the mine. In a short scene You'll hear a fight in the mine and soldiers will come out with a higher level of experience.

Reward: 40 000 tribute

Dark disciple

3 - LAND SEVEN - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
To make the quest available, take over the village to the west of Your capital - LAND SEVEN - quests - Black and White 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

To make the quest available, take over the village to the west of Your capital. In that area, a weird statue will appear. Pick up a couple of Your followers and place them near the statue. A short scene will show them dying and You'll receive the reward.

Reward: 40 000 tribute

Become ultimately evil

Become 100% evil (check in the 'town hall'). To change from good to evil, kill Your own followers, make sacrifices of them, take over villages by force etc. I don't advise You to complete this quest if You're good.

Use the heal miracle

Very easy quest. Throw a heal miracle on the peasants or soldiers.

Use the lightning miracle to defeat Your enemy

Kill the enemy's platoons that are attacking You with the lightning miracle.

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Comments and responses

Kafarey 02/07/2011 18:46

A small heads up about that dark disciple quest. The Good way is to pick up the worshipers and shake your hand to take their "disciple" off. After you have done that they will break the statue and you get your tribute by the good way.

Raal-tG 09/10/2010 18:30

On thestatue quest, PICK UP ONE PERSON WORSHIPING THE THING. now then prceed to SHAKE HIM LEFT AND RIGH TUNTIL HE COMES TO HIS SENSES. you have to do it one by one, the multi pickup mode wont work past the first one. This way, you get rid of it, you dont have to deal iwth the lava, and you get to watch the thing bedemolished, without gaining evil points.

Nalaya 12/07/2010 18:44

LOL, sorry to those who turned from good to evil but: There is also a quest "get 100% good" ;) I got it right at the start of this land

blackandwhite 10/01/2010 01:19

about the quake ,before the ground cracks up, just turn your camera around, so that ure in front of the quake, and your city is behind you. the quake wont destroy your city if you do this, it will go the other way, and "destroy the mountain" or what you say. the ground will crack up but not outside your camera area. this worked for me

67 25/06/2009 20:33

omg i took the evil brother's town by migration, and all of their soldiers tried to kill me. why? i used a meteor miracle on them and they all died =). also, their migration flag went into the sea, and then it said that i hadn't accepted them and called me evil. then once i beat the second town (earthquake) they suddenly migrated again, but with no resources. i also tried lighting the monster mine on fire, electrocuting it, and smashing it with miracles, but my retarded creature put out the fire. then the soldiers wouldn't go in the mine. and also, on the oil thing, there are a bunch of arsonists who keep lighting the pumps on fire. and as for the statue, i would have perfectly happy to receive tribute, except i did this after i beat my enemies, so it made one of the migrations go crazy and then half of them died. im pissedthis post has been modified by its author [2009-06-25 21:47:07]

67 22/06/2009 17:41

for the monster mine, u can also drop the sick cows on the mine to poison the monster.

Mr. Progamer 20/02/2009 22:40

lmao that's hilarious.

UserIsNull 20/02/2009 15:09

Man, i'm never using an Epic again, it totally backfired on me on this map. Soon as i impress the Good jap to join with me my volcano goes off and all the migraters get burnt to death. I went from 100% Good to 33% evil in 15 seconds.

Guildmaster Doc 02/12/2008 06:11

If you listen carefully, the japanese guys will tell you that they are about to cast the earthquake miracle...if your quick enough, you can cast a shield around your entire base (obviously you need to purchase it first). They cant cast the miracle inside the shield bubble, and they will still use it outside of your base, completely harmlessly. I am 2 for 2 on doing this. Even though the map took me several hours (I like to make my towns pretty ((good god here)) they only tried to earthquake me twice. I am guessing they just gave up because they didn't destroy any buildings, or it was a glitch.this post has been modified by its author [2008-12-02 07:24:12]

TsukiChiChan 24/02/2008 12:49

When I found out about the quest "heal the farmers cattel", I couldn't find those DARN, DARN cows. So when I play at that land again, I will make a wall to keep the cows in ^^ Then I will allways know where they are^^

l33tfeetman 03/01/2008 01:42

i dont know if this a way to solve the monster mine there is a line on the mountain starting from the mine going over the mine my influence isnt big enough i juxst started land 7 help plznty

boddy m. 08/04/2007 14:55


boddy m. 08/04/2007 14:52

there is ALSO ANOTHER quest. in the village north-west of you, there is a statue. take over the town, and place followers by the statue. it will show them dying, and then you get 40,000 tribute. if you are good dont do this. also it takes away the quest "never lose a villager to attack". HOW IS IT ATTACK?

Butterfly 14/03/2007 23:42

theres also an "ultimately good" i was 101% good leaving the previous land and when i loaded i got 50k tribute for being good.

steroidzz 23/01/2007 01:47

instead for the lightning miracle quest i had to use a fire miracle

Miller 11/01/2007 20:51

Important!!! Take down the Earthquake epic as begin this land, the walls are ungaurded and you will meet no oppositon. Do it before the enemy creature starts to attack your town. If you dont your wall will come crashing down at dawn.

Miller 11/01/2007 20:49

Burning Wells Quest, Use your creature (if he has the water miracle capability) to extinguish the flames. Click on the leash place his banner on the wells and it should read extinguish.

Miller 11/01/2007 20:46

Cassie, No.63. You have to wait until the scroll appears, or one of the two guides tell you about it. Then splash water on the mine to drown out the creature. Then use 1 platoon to send in, it should say attack when you put their banner on the mine. If doesnt, wait. You cant put multiple units down in the mine (i think). Make sure you zoom in close to the mine when you send your guys in. Otherwise you wont see the cut scene, and nothing happens.

cassie_111372 02/01/2007 14:15

in the monster mine i have told my soliders 2 attack and nothing is happening they just sit around and chat with each other and i can;t figure out how 2 get them 2 go inside of it anyone have any idea how i can get them 2 do what they are supoose 2 be doing???

ayo wut up 29/12/2006 14:06

damn this land is so damn hard to me lol

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