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Batman: Arkham Knight Game Guide & Walkthrough

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AR Challenges (Augmented Reality) | Collectibles - Arkham Knight HQ Batman: AK Guide

The easiest way to review the challenges is to access them in the main menu - AR Challenges (Augmented Reality) - Batman: Arkham Knight - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The easiest way to review the challenges is to access them in the main menu

Augmented Reality challenges are an additional attraction in Batman: Arkham Knight. If training challenges are excluded, there are 23 of them and they differ in terms of their objectives. They may test the Batman's combat skills, require stealth elimination of the opponents, or have you drive the batmobile . Further in This chapter, you can find descriptions of the individual challenges. Below, you can also find some information in connection with the challenges.

  • There are two ways in which you can start an AR challenge. While exploring the game world, you may encounter blue markers, which represent the location where they take place. In my opinion, a better idea is to select them in the main menu, thanks to which you will not waste your time trying to reach them. Also, it makes it easier to track your progress.
  • Few of the challenges are available from the very beginning of the game. As for the rest of them, you need to unlock them on your own. It is more difficult than you might expect, because sometimes, apart from making enough progress into the storyline, you are also required to perform some specific actions, e.g. a fear takedown on a group of three opponents. You can find detailed information on that in walkthroughs for the individual challenges.
  • In each main challenge, you can obtain up to three stars that are necessary for trophies/achievements that you obtain for the challenges. Apart from the maximum amount of stars, completing each challenge is rewarded with a development point (you receive these by completing training challenges).
  • Your results in the individual challenges, e.g. the number of points that you obtain, or time that you took to secure the area, are ranked in the best results. Also, you can obtain additional competition points awarded for exceeding the requirements, e.g. by scoring higher than required for three stars. In reality, these elements do not have any impact on the game and they only serve comparison purposes and competing with other players.

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